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Pretty Good for a Monday.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Pretty Good for a Monday....
Despite us both getting an emotional gut-punch right before dinner last night (our dear neighbor's possible cancerous condition), today turned out better than I could have asked for, considering its length (long), distances traveled (longer than usual) and potential complication (long enough).

The soundtrack of my day was already established as awesome before even leaving my first stop. It included I Wanna Be Sedated by the Ramones, Buzzsaw by the Turtles, and some much-loved Nanci Griffith. Then we threw in some Dead Puppies from classic Dr Demento days when I finally got to the office.

That came after court in Rochester, which was at 9:30, which is why I'd been up since just past 7 and out the door close to 8.  The case is full of creditors, one of them being my client for a change, and his situation is probably the most complicated of all those involved. I got  my questions answered at the hearing, my client's paperwork done before lunch, and his signature on  it by 3:30 this afternoon. He's the parent of a five-month old, and mom and baby are headed south tomorrow, due to the death from, what else?, a case of Fuck You Cancer that just took the life of the baby's great-grandmother. Even so, I got to meet the bebe and see their new home, both for the first time, and while I can't wave a wand and promise any result in his case, we parted ways seeming mutually happy with where things were moving.

From there, I headed out to the kids', for both delivery and pickup. Delivery, of a fairly huge box of assorted pastas; Eleanor's cut many of the carbs out of her diet after a blood test showed elevated blood sugar. They positively beamed when they saw how much I'd brought them. This was just as Cam got home from work, which gave him time to see and say goodbye to his brother; Noah, who lives with their mom here, had spent the weekend with them, among other things visiting this imemensely cool Rochester record shop with them. Their dad had given Noah a turntable and a bunch of vinyl records, but instead of cornering their old-album inventory on the visit, he instead found a ridiculously cheap receiver and speaker set, which I helped him load into the house when we got home.

That was just about twilight, where this was the sight through my windshield:

Yes, I was speeding. Don't judge.

Got home to find Eleanor had also had a Pretty Good Day Considering.  She cheered up a precocious seven-year old at one point, is working her way through rebuilding her computer music library, and is already finding ways to help Betty out with at least some of the small stuff she has to sweat in between the big (and hopefully benign) stuff.

(Oh, and Groot, my older laptop, finally took to Windows 10 yesterday. It all seems to work, although nothing yet seems to work particularly better or faster than it did with 7 onboard.)

Two more ordinary workdays here, then back to the 585 on Thursday.

And in one final piece of schadenfreude for the day:


Please clap.
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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: February 23rd, 2016 11:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
*clap clap clap*

jeb left behind made me giggle.
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