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Leap-in' Lizards! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Leap-in' Lizards!
Not only is it That Day on the quadricalendar, but there was plenty more leapin' about.

Leap Day on a Monday is especially quirky. It seemed quieter than usual today. Yesterday's unseasonable warmth passed away completely, with wicked winds abounding and a decent amount of snow forecast beginning in the middle of tomorrow.

That, coupled with the Leap Back Down- from the exhilaration of Saturday night's show and the warmth and sun of yesterday. We ate in the greenhouse last night and had the heat off all day.

But, by today's end, for me there was the latest Monday Time Leap provided by the serialization of 11.22.63. This Monday brought Episode Three of the eight that will air, and while there were no shocking or horrifying moments to come close to the first and second (respectively), the writers used this just-before-the-halfway installment to lay down a lot of what to expect between 11.1.60 and whatever the terminal date of the series winds up being.

-Jake now has an official Companion.  Not part of the King original (so I'm told, still not having picked up the weighty tome), Bill is probably more necessary in filmed performance than on the printed page, where Narrating To Yourself is a less limited process. He seems to fit the era, even if his Kentucky upbringing overcame a lifetime of overt racism perhaps a bit too easily.

-It's also been pretty certainly established that, again unlike the book (again, so I'm told), this is a straight-line one-way trip to the Dealey Plaza Terminal. There likely will be no Leaps Back to the diner to find out how much he's changed so far, and while reviews of the book established that he did, already (and badly), make a change for the worse in choosing to whack Frank Dunning, the series hasn't gone there yet and may not.

-Curious, how the "You're Not Supposed to Be Here!" crowd has been completely absent the past two episodes, as have most (but not all) of the Time-Fighting-Back occurrences. This week did feature one brief one, with fairly mild King-ish horrific gore, but it quickly passed.  Since Sam, ummmm, Jake has been laying relatively low until LHO's return, it suggests that these Timestream Guardians are not omniscient or able to travel round any more easily than he is. That would explain their heightened presence round the Rabbit Hole and near JFK himself.

-Did they really need that much surveillance equipment? They're renting themselves, and are running a serious risk of a landlord, plumber or, you know, CONSPIRACY MEMBER finding them out.

- I like Sadie. I may grow to love Sadie. But I hate coinkidinks. Her just showing up, when and where she did at all, set off my BS meter, but then the ensuing bit about her having visited his own town in Maine screamed out WRONG!!!!! Maybe TFB arranges these coincidences, or maybe it just is one (Dallas-Fort Worth wasn't THAT big a metroplex in 1962), but if I were in that role, I'd at least recognise the possibility of her being In On It and be warning Bill to keep his mouth and his movements especially shut down anytime he's around her.

- Speaking of Bill keeping his mouth shut: as soon as I saw them in the scrip club and the owner came over, I said to myself, No. You're not going there. But they just as plainly were going exactly there, and when he introduced himself as Jack Ruby, I was completely unsurprised. Unlike Jake himself- whose just-saw-a-ghost surprise made clear that this was not his plan. Is this another subtle TFB moment?

- Only this week did I notice in the credits that J.J. Abrams wrote the theme song. Is there nothing this dude can't do?

Speaking of time, it's going to be in short supply when the fourth episode drops. House of Cards shoots its entire Season Four load this coming Friday, and I can usually manage no more than two a day of those. Plus, life and all that. But I like where this series has gone so far and how it's been getting there.


A post-script, and maybe more than that: Tazzer, our oldest kitty, has taken a Leap Back of his own, especially this afternoon and evening. His appetite and activity levels have been fine, even extraordinary for him in recent weeks, but his incontinence has been on the rebound- and while he was all-in at the chow line at 5-something this morning, he has not moved off his favourite chair in the living room since I came home at lunchtime (except, apparently, to visit a new spontaneous catbox near the back door). He got like this a few months ago, and it passed gradually over a couple of days- but we are mindful of his age (almost 17), his nature (always fragile), and the need to keep him happy and comfortable above all. He's still purring when I go to him, so that's a good sign.

We'll see if it continues into March. Maybe cats just refuse to observe Leap Days.
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