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March-ing On With Some News and Improvements - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
March-ing On With Some News and Improvements
February wound up pulling a gentleman's C from me- down from a C+ going into the final day on account of the Death Thing rattling again, taking NPR newsman Craig Windham and Airport/Naked Gun legend George Kennedy.  It also produced three different month-end scares, one of which we didn't even hear about until this morning- but all of them have so far turned for the better.

One, I mentioned yesterday- Tazzer, our oldest kitty, was off his feed and very listless when we got home.  He barely moved from one spot except for one brief christening, but by 4-ish this morning, he was hungry again. Half his usual ration for breakfast, and then that, plus the usual can, plus a decent amount of Daddy's dinner to follow.  He also seems more active and more himself.

A second crisis actually preceded that.  Doing a large laundry load Saturday before my Bruce trip, the discharge from the washer filled both drainage tubs to the brim and refused to go down any further.  Plunging and snaking did little other than to wreck the snake (sorry, Eleanor #daddyclueless). I promised to Drano-bomb it on my return, and the first bottle took forever to work, but by Sunday evening it had cleared things enough to risk a second, smaller load- which backed up in the tubs but not as much. Then, today, after Tazzer had gone through numerous changes of towels, I put a larger load in after dropping most of the second bottle down, and while it didn't completely run clear, it backed up only four inches or so, and was clear before the dry cycle had gone barely half an hour.  So between one last mondo-treatment and the promise of regular maintenance Drano-drops, we've probably headed off a plumber visit- until the next major holiday, anyway:P

But the scariest news from Leap Day didn't reach us until this morning: Cameron had a nail from a nail gun ricochet into his glasses on the job. The glasses took most of the impact, but he was hurting after waking up, and the 7 a.m. call to Dr. Mom resulted in a diagnosis of get to a doctor, stat. Which he did- to an eye doctor right down the street from their apartment, who got him in late this morning.  The good news was that nothing appeared damaged- the iris took the worst of it, and the treatment, essentially, is a combination of drops and darkness, which he went home for the day to achieve. The company is paying for the missed workday, the appointment, and a followup- anything more, if needed, will have to go through Comp.  And, I would expect, the replacement glasses- plus some sturdier safety ones for on the job.

We were promised a mess of freezing rain and sleet which has yet to materialize, and I have two new clients coming in tomorrow.  The early signs of a good grade for March are here:)
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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: March 2nd, 2016 05:54 am (UTC) (Link)
best wishes for tazzer, and for cameron!

having worked in a factory requiring safety glasses, they absolutely will pay for, or reimburse prescription safety glasses. any place that requires them, is also required to provide them, prescription or not.

dont hate me for liking that your wife is the one who knows how to fix stuff. i love that you're not afraid to share that. and i love that she's an intelligent woman.
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