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Democracy- it's SO 18th Century! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Democracy- it's SO 18th Century!

Presidential Primary Season is somewhere near the first turn, and things aren't looking good. On my side, The Anointed One is ahead roughly 60-40 in the delegate count, not counting the Supes she will just about entirely sweep. Her only remaining opponent is doing better than expected but he, and the misogynistic Bernie Bros, are doing yeomens' service for the GOP by trash-talking her at every turn- and, worse, saying she's no better than a Republican and they won't vote for her in the general.

Really? No better than a racist, classist Fascist who has singlehandedly dragged an already toxic party into the deepest dregs of the sewers? Four years of him in the White Trump House and forty years of his minions on the Supreme Court?

The Republican side of things stopped being a clown car weeks ago. Now it's the killer semi from Spielberg's Duel- and it's coming up fast in the rear-view mirror.

Every fiber of every progressive being should be uniting to stop this. Instead, the grumpy old guy makes our party Feel the Bern of Democratic campaign cash answering his charges- and I don't care how much Hillary took from "Wall Street," the Repugs have more. Lots more.   If Bernie gets the nomination, it's going to be four months of watching endless ads pandering to latent anti-Commie sentiment, with blurry shots of him on his Soviet honeymoon, and hanging around with rifle-toting Nicaraguan contras to scare all of middle America.  He'll be lucky to win Vermont.  Otherwise, his own ads will be used against Mrs. C, to similar bad ends.

Only the patent scariness of the current GOP frontrunner gives me hope right now.  And the wagons are in some combination of circling and crashing on that side; Mittens came out of hiding today to oppose the Trumpal Wave of momentum- some thinking he's somehow trying to get back into the race because by comparison, he seems more reasonable now than he did four years ago.  The yelling and screaming at each other is deafening, and I'm not even watching any of it.

Maybe the Founding Fathers had the right idea when they kept direct election away from the masses for everything but the House- and considering what the electorate's done with that Parliament of Fools, it's hard to stand up for genuine democracy right about now.


According to some local reporting, my own party's leadership feels much the same way.

Games are allegedly afoot.  Under a scenario posited the other day by the leading alt-weekly, virtually every position of importance to local Democrats will be decided, not by voters in fair and open elections, but by wheelings and dealings among party insiders and especially bosses.

That link has the tl;dr details, but here's the key stuff.  A series of dominoes is in place to start falling. Through the devious use of petitioning deadlines and "committees on vacancies" substituting their will for that of the electorate, Domino One would be the resignation of my current Congressman (who I genuinely like) to take an academic job now held by my many-times-removed former Congressman- but only after the petitioning deadine has passed.  His successor for my party's nomination would, then, not be chosen by voters, but by bosses, who have supposedly anointed our current County Executive for the job and who would be virtually guaranteed his election in our rare Upstate Democratic-majority suburban district.   The county executive job then becomes Domino Two- again to be filled, not by an election, but by legislative fiat- and those idiots have allegedly chosen a Kennedy for the coronation- a nominal Democrat who's cozied up to the Republicans more than once. HIS current seat becomes Domino Three, for which I think Emperor Palpatine gets to name the successor.

There are two flies in the ointment. One is that word of the Secret Plan leaked out, so other Democratic contendahs for the Congressional seat can try to get petitions passed in time for a primary- you know, the thing that I'm Just A Bill says we're supposed to have. The other is that local Democrats have a stool Pigeon in their ranks. No, really- that's his name. He hates Party Headquarters so much, he is allegedly planning to pass petitions for the incumbent, but petitions naming his own Committee on Vacancies, which in a perverted way could actually result in party members having a choice come September.

I'm not holding my breath.

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