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Pink for girls, blue for boys.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Pink for girls, blue for boys....
We'll start with the blue first.

I have a friend, Facebook via LJ friends, who is a dedicated advocate for Colorectal Awareness. Which, as it happens, this month recognises. And today is particularly recognised as Dress Blue Day for the cause.

So I did-

The little guy came home with me yesterday- one of the tchotchkes my Rochester office passes out at their annual spring trade show  His eyes actually bug out when you squeeze him- likely because he's gotten the "prep" instructions from his proctologist.

As we did, just yesterday. It was five years ago that Eleanor and I did sequential his-and-hers drawer-droppings under the watchful eye probe of our local gastroenterologist, fondly known round the house as "Doctor Butts," and we each just got reminders to make appointments for our semidecennial probes.

The cause is worthy, indeed- even if Doctor B is a bit of a butthead.


I put that blue shirt and contrasting tie on, for two clients who came a-callin' during the day today. The earlier one(s) were perfectly ordinary and unremarkable.  The afternoon arrivals, wellllllll?....

The Actual Client, a referral from a past one, was perfectly normal. As was the guy from the company he brought along. But then there was the chauffeurx, who also sat in with us. She came dressed in a pink fluffy bathrobe. On a Friday afternoon.

I couldn't make out the rest of the outfit under said robe, other than to see that at least she wasn't rocking bunny slippers- they were some sort of wedgy heely booty things- but about three minutes into our meeting, my schnozz went off: she was vaping at our table.

Somehow I'd missed most of this e-cig trend until I wound up next to a Vaper Dude at Springsteen last week; he was puffing up a storm in between songs, but I couldn't smell anything, so I let it pass. But todays Queen of the Robe was apparently vaping one of the flavored versions. Hers was "medieval carcinogenic forest" or somesuch. Once I realised it, I asked her to Please. STOP- and she did... and was very puppy-dog-sad for the remainder of the appointment.

Owner Dude is coming back Monday with the actual retainer.  I do hope he comes alone- and that she doesn't wind up on the next table from either of us when we have Dr. Butts do his own case evaluations in the coming month.
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