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Once More Into the Binge.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Once More Into the Binge....
Four episodes into Fourth Season of House of Cards.

I've had my doubts, and my nitpicks, about how well this 40-plus episode series could duplicate the comparative sliver of showings that were done on the original shorter three-series BBC original.  And I do have one off-script piece of advice for Kevin, Robin and Beau:

Don't ape Presidential politics in an election year.

After the third episode, the arc just seemed flat. Even a plot twist that seemed radical, in my own political experience, was being rendered irrelevant by the real-life misadventures of the GOP primaries.

But then they dropped the fourth episode on me earlier tonight, which no amount of real life is yet to duplicate.

It's all still seeming a bit crowded: the series includes too many Presidential candidates to keep track of; there's too much prior-series continuity required to be remembered; and they're making maybe too much of an effort to stack the current season with the best-of from prior years plus a bevy of A-list actors in new roles (Neve Campbell, Ellen Burstyn, Cicely Tyson)?

All valid points, IMHO, but all of them put on hold by the developments of Episode Four.

In a different way, real life intervened this afternoon: Nancy Reagan's reported death came just as I was easing into the third episode.  In its way, it reminded me of the con-TRO-versy created when the final BBC series began by positing the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, many years before it actually occurred.  That plot point caused a rift between the original novelist and its primary Auntie adapter; but both became and remain executive producers of the US version, suggesting that all has been forgiven.

The end credits of each ep so far have revealed a faux pas which I semi-expected from last season: President Underwood's signature legislative effort for Series Three was called "America Works." On one of my 2015 trips to NYC, I saw subway ads for just such a name.  Now, a year later, the similarity is apologized for:


You might very well think I'm anxious to get through the remaining nine episodes. I couldn't possibly comment.
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