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Fathers (not me, not mine). - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Fathers (not me, not mine).
My day began by commenting on a rather gruesome coincidence.  I promise not to give another bankruptcy lecture here, but rather will keep it to one sentence:

If you file bankruptcy in the US and somebody dies, either before you file or within 180 days after, any property you're entitled to receive as a result of that death is included in your assets.

It's a rarely encountered but particularly bitter pill stuck in the law by Congress back in 1978. In my first 30 years of practice, I had it come up once; yet, as I learned last month and again yesterday, it has now happened to recently-filed clients of mine twice in the first two months of 2016. Both of them lost their fathers.

Of such things morbid humour is built, and when I told Client One about the sad coincidence, I was essentially encouraged to use it for marketing material.  There's a personal injury lawyer in these parts who trades on poetry, and his slogan has become almost rote for everyone watching any television, listening to a radio or passing billboards:

Hurt in a car? Call [lawyer's name which rhymes with "car"].

And thus, my satiric tagline was born this morning:

"Want your father to die? For Chapter 7, Ray's your guy!"

It got some laughs, but then they stopped.


I was in both of my offices today- helping a coworker here file a case early, then getting into the Rochester one around lunchtime after running an errand downtown.  We had an office lunch in the conference room, then I went straight into a client meeting- so I missed the call from Emily that came through around 12:30:

Scott, Cameron's dad, was in surgery in Buffalo. Both of the kids had gotten out of work and were heading for home. By the time I retrieved the message, they'd arrived, but the prognosis was still unknown. I could've sworn I heard something about Scott's heart, but that appears to be hallucinogenic.

I cut my day as short as I could and was back here moments before Emily and Cam got back to our house.  They were relieved to report that Scott is doing much better; he'd been experiencing increasing pain after a prior surgery a week or so ago, and it proved to be a post-op infection that needed re-operation to clear up.  The kids have already headed back to home, hearth and kittehs, and all signs are good, but it's been just a bad couple of weeks for fathers.

Hold yours close if you can- whether "yours" is your father or your child.
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