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Things Wot Make Me Happy.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Things Wot Make Me Happy....
* Getting through an OTF workout this morning; despite my knee still hurting from a nasty set of exercises over a week ago, and despite my heart monitor crapping out on me for most of the second half of the hour, I still (almost) met my target;

* Having gorgeous-to-at-least-warm weather for the rest of the day and getting Ebony out for walkies in it;

* My local alma mater's basketball teams are both going to the Big Dance.  The UB women's team earned an NCAA bid despite being an 8-seed earlier today; and the men just beat the top-seeded Akron Zips to get their second straight March Madness invitation.

* Cam's dad is still doing okay, and is scheduled to be released Monday;

* I just discovered that two of my friends from totally different circles (one LJ, one Mets) are friends with each other, and all of us now know this;

* Speaking of Mets, I just ordered a blogger friend's third book on the subject, along with a Lucinda Williams CD we're  both looking forward to;

* Our dear friend nentikobe just shaved off most of her hair to support the Leukemia Foundation. An we hepped. (Those are Australian dollars, which are smaller than they look on the outside;)

* I finished my House of Cards binge last night, and we both finished Agent Carter tonight.

That-all's worth the hour we're destined to lose in the wee smalls:)
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