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Coming soon: The New Line of 1963 Clones! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Coming soon: The New Line of 1963 Clones!
I mentioned the other day that two of our binges are now complete.  The clones, ur, clocks are ticking toward another we're awaiting: Series Four of Orphan Black. Auntie America has confirmed its premiere- for a Thursday, this time, April 14th.  The trailers have already begun dropping, with lots of flashbacks to characters who got lost in, or even before, last season's Boyclone Shuffle.

Apparently the show is still filming in Toronto, but that city's base of actors has been keeping busy over in another corner of Cableland. 11.22.63, which is using the GTA for some of its scenes, previously cast Ari Millen (Mark, Rudy, Seth, and I think Ringo) in a fairly minor henchman hillbilly role.  But this Monday's episode brought us a more significant turn- and perhaps a portent of an even more major one later- by Kristian Bruun, a/k/a Donnie, shown here telling Jake that he's going to have a SHITTY day!

Really? Couldn't go with Dr. Leekie?  Eleanor got to wondering whether he's got Canadian dollar bills sticking out of his shorts underneath that white coat, and the twerking during surgery could've gotten pretty awkward.

In the end, this could ultimately solve the conundrum of all the Lone Gunmen disputes: maybe Lee Harvey Oswald is a clone.
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