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In which my lack of luck runs out.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
In which my lack of luck runs out....
Today's been better. Mostly.

We did get some unfortunate news first thing this morning- about someone rarely if ever mentioned in these pages.  We're concerned, but it's on the "things I can't change" side of the Serenity Prayer Ledger, so it's easier to take.

Betty's surgery reportedly went well yesterday, and the healing can now begin.

A first-thing client canceled on me this morning, and I'm now waiting for a late-day client to show up, who may or may not- hence, the posting.

Monday brings a meeting with a new client- a referral from someone who owes me one for the last referral he sent to me.

Today's mail brought news virtually assuring another client will be paid in full on a claim- perhaps as soon as early next week.

I also worked on removing three small but annoying work thorns from my side- one with some unexpected help from Emily.

Another client briefly scared me into thinking I'd screwed up a document I just got back in recorded form. An email came titled "Wrong Address?"- leading me to believe we'd messed up a specific property reference which would need to be amended, recertified and rerecorded- likely on my dime. But no- she merely noticed that they typed the address wrong on the receipt for the certified copy.  That's what we call "harmless error."

Overall, the knee's been better today- I slept better last night and awoke with less pain; it's still there, but less annoyingly.  Tomorrow morning brings a workout that will test that.

We're planning to see an awesome folk artist in a small setting tomorrow night. Which will be on the weekend that's finally here:)
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