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Just a few hours to go.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Just a few hours to go....
Until 11.22.63 reaches its appointed conclusion.

Episode 7 ended, well, let's do the Spoiler Thing now...

since this one leaves  us hanging- for almost seven full real-time days and roughly four hours of fictional time before the scheduled moment on the titular day. Jake planned three different ways of stopping LHO on 11.21.63, and three times, he was denied- in order, through cuteness, ill timing and direct intervention of what Quantum Leapers call God-Fate-Time-Whatever.  Then we waited an agonizingly slow few minutes at the end to see whether the timestream would be majorly changed before the final episode.

What do YOU think?  I've guessed mostly wrong on most calls so far; I more than half-expected Lee to take a bullet right there on the spot, leaving the final episode to establish whether it worked in either the short-term or long-term sense.  But then, I also expected this to be the week when Sadie would finally be revealed to be In On It from the timecop side- I've had suspicions about her being too coincidentally "there" too many times, and the Madison scene seemed just too convenient of a memory jog for Jake, unless she was out-and-out TRYING to jog it using things she already knew. So when Yellow Card Dude replaced her in the passenger seat, I thought that was where it was heading. But so far, no- that dude's whole weird monologue seemed more deserving of a Red Card in his hat to match the color of the herring.  How does his infinite loop of suffering over his own failed time mission intersect with him being in Jake's timeline?  Stephen, JJ and Bridget gots some 'splainin' to do!

Totally failed to anticipate where they went with Bill.  Given that he was never in the finale of the (I-still-haven't-touched-it) novel, it probably makes plot sense to keep him away from the day, but it was a pretty harsh denouement for the guy, and that includes the moments before his final one.  (Shock therapy in Texas? Horrors! But also a decent explanation for the choices of their electorate in the decades since.)

Miz Mimi deserved a better sendoff, and Marina seemed out of place and out of character every time we saw her. And what did she think he was bringing to work that day- curtain rods?

This seemed to be the first time the soundtrack was really integrated (heh) into the plot, with the episode title using it and LHO himself humming it at the end.  I'm not buying that he'd even know the song, much less associate it with what he's doing.

There were other fiddybits I'm sure I'm missing.  I may do Midnight Madness next Monday and binge the finale right as soon as the clock strikes 12.00.00.  Of course, without a network schedule to adhere to, they can make the finale as long as they want to, and there's no need to tell us ahead of time just what that length will be. Or how many gorram commercials with Joe Montana I'm going to have to endure.

For your convenience, and in the spirit of the opening credits*, I've mapped out the various endgames we're hurtling toward. This is cut mostly for size rather than spoilerage, because all I'm doing is asking questions. Your guesses are as good as mine; likely, they're better, given my recent record:

How's this for fate, btw? I number my embedded image files through Semagic with "file#" references. On Tobor, I started running out of two-digit numbers so with Twobor, I've been going backward and using three-digit numbers beginning with "file999." That cheat sheet wound up as "file963."


* Speaking of the opening credits, did YOU ever notice that they've been changing week to week, ever so slightly? Well, these guys did- and they're brilliant.  (This is not the review site I've been following- that's the always helpful AVClub one, but they're the ones who mentioned the credit analysis.)
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