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Out Like a Lamb... Oh look! A very large kitty! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Out Like a Lamb... Oh look! A very large kitty!
True to form, the final day of March wasn't too baaaaa-d.  Other than nearly all-day rain, and winds that half-blew my explosive car off the 90 on the way home, it was hovering around 60F all day and is still 63 outside at this very moment.

But after this month Marches out in a few hours, April shivers bring many quivers.  By Sunday, we'll be lucky to break freezing for three days- midweek, we get a two day reprieve, but then Friday here promises a high of 32F and rain.  In the more relevant forecast for Flushing on Mets Opener Day, they're predicting warmer temps, but also steady rain that whole day and right into Saturday.

But never mind that- for my first time ever, I have a ticket into Game One:

If it's rained out, it's good for any of the ensuing 81 games that have tickets available, so I'll just be watching the weather between now and this time next week.


Never made it to the Dino today- in fact, never left the office in Rochester at all between 9 and almost 3.  My friend's husband, and one of her kids, came down very sick starting yesterday, so she had to put off her near-daily visit to her mom.  We have "rain check" arrangements on that one, too.


Meanwhile, our kids are due here tomorrow. Cameron's dad and fam just acquired a pair of miniature dachsie puppies, and they've been wanting to see them while they're still really miniature and adorable. 


I've been reading much of the bad press for the Bat v. Supe extravaganza.  One clue to its horrific-ness came in a piece I read earlier today: DC's blockbusters have had a tacit "no jokes" policy ever since Green Lantern tanked.  Since then, the Avengers and Guardians franchises down Marvel Street, among others of theirs, have cleaned up by lightening up, and apparently the WB is finally taking notice and redoing the upcoming Suicide Squad to finally make something funnier.

Anyway: I eventually will see the Ben-and-Hen tire fire that's now out and making gagillions despite the Holy Suckage!- but I thought it would help to see the predecessor Zach Snyder DVD of Man of Steel which largely sets it up.  Apparently I was the only person in Erie County to have this thought, since my nearest library branch had it for the renting, as did just about every other one in the system.  Or maybe it's because of the weird cataloguing; they've got it, not under Snyder, Zach; nor Cavill, Henry; nor Siegel/Shuster; but under Zimmer, Hans.

From the sound of the reviews, the current one might have worked even better with just a lush Zimmer soundtrack and no dialogue whatsoever.
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