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♫Con-Con, New York Does the Con-Con....♫ - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
♫Con-Con, New York Does the Con-Con....♫
Before we get to what that means, just a few quick notes from my LJ-cation of the past few days.

I needed to get out of the routine on this, which had largely turned into me posting only right before bed, when I was tireder and grumpier than usual and feeling, damn, gotta post SOMETHING.

No I don't. So:

* Kids were home Friday night into Saturday. Not in-the-house home much, but they did things they wanted to do and I will see at least Emily in a day or so, because,....

* Smaug, their new car, has been making brakey-wakey noises that have them a bit nervous. They turned down my offer of switching so they could drive home in my even deadlier deathtrap, but we did figure out that they are probably covered for it through a service contract they bought. So she'll be taking it to Rochester ass-early Thursday, and if it's not covered, I'll meet her at the dealer there to take care of it.  And their car is free for that on Thursday because,....

* Cameron is starting a new job next Monday. Better pay right off, and foreman training which will be even better financially once completed.  Company's been in business for 30-plus years, and it looks like a better opportunity for him.

* Both of our cars spent much of the weekend out of the garage. Saturday was cleanup day- we dumped a ton of stuff (including a treasure trove of scrap metal that didn't last at the curb until garbage day), sold off a portable dishwasher they'd stowed with us, and rearranged and cleaned what remained.  Sunday, we mostly recuperated and watched Inside Out which they left behind for us.

* Eleanor is also dealing with car dealers this week- but for better reasons.  Iggy's lease is up in June, and after going over her other options (turn in, buy out, sell to someone else), they offered her a deal on a  new 2017 electric Smart car lease. I suggested "Twiggy" for the name, but Eleanor ultimately decided on "Ziggy," in honour of David Bowie.  The payment will actually be less than we're paying now, since the mileage cap will be lower (she's barely reached a quarter of it, and unlike excess miles which they charge for, there's no adjustment for unused ones).

* I got through the 11.22.63 finale the day it dropped on Monday, and picked up the longer and more complicated source novel 11/22/63 earlier today. Both will be reviewed in due course.

* Today was my fullest, richest day of the week- court in the morning, and the seminar that explains the title (I'll get to it) all afternoon up at UB.  Both went very well.  Moar coart follows, both tomorrow and Thursday mornings, with plenty else to catch up on in between, but then,....

* The Mets lost their road opener Sunday night, but rebounded against their 2015 Series opponents in KC this afternoon.  Now they're off until the home opener Friday, which I am ticketed and "go" for, and where the weather has been upgraded to merely cloudy and 50s F.  I can live with that.


Right. About the continuing ed I attended today:

New York State has a dysfunctional and corrupt government, and its state constitution, cobbled together since 1894 in numerous rounds of revisions, is something of a mess, as well. But it contains one interesting component- at least every 20 years, voters must be offered, by referendum, the chance to hold a convention to amend or replace it.  It's come up twice before in my voting life, defeated both times by combinations of voter indifference and lobbyists protecting sacred cows, but the next time is November 2017.  I'll discuss the actual issues, procedures and such as that date gets closer, but this seminar, which I only found out about yesterday, was part of a statewide effort to start getting out the word on it.

The word needs to get more out.  Despite UB Law School offering free Continuing Ed hours for the session, I was the only attorney who at least admitted to the status by signing up for the credits.  The panel and associated mucky-mucks roughly equaled the number of "civilians" in attendance.  Yet it was a good start to an effort that's got over 18 months to develop, and would likely be drowned out by the Trum-pets and Hill-Bill-ies (yes, they're in town this week, too) that will be dominating the political news until November.

Already, some special interests have come out against "opening the Pandora's box" that is the status quo- even though their opposition is limited to fairly narrow provisions in the current document that could be dealt with before or at the same time as the convention if the current entrenched incumbents would allow it.  Yes, that is a pig flying that you see (and smell) there.

It's an effort I will continue to follow, and if it advances to the Actually Holding The Thing stage (which wouldn't actually occur until the spring of 2019), I think I have a decent chance of being a participant in the process.  Be afraid, Albany.

On a side note, this was my first time in the Law School proper in probably over a decade. Parking up there is as deadly as ever despite much more on-campus student housing being nearby, and I wound up risking (but avoiding) a parking ticket as I chanced it for the last "permit only" hour of the day.  The Conference Center is actually carved out from where I used to work in the law library over 30 years ago; it had been the Government Documents depository back when the documents were actually received and catalogued in paper form.  My legacy, still standing into the late 90s, of stored reports with SuDocs classification numbers in my shaky 80s handwriting- all gone.

But they're not completely rid of me:

There's the Class of '84, in the same third floor hallway we were last I checked.  And toward the bottom right:

Yup, me in my celebrated Paul McCartney period.  And above me, as he will now forever be until I head to the Other Place, is my old pal Dave, of whose passing I only recently learned.

To the left of that portrait, mostly black-and-white, almost all male and white, collages of the older graduates. To the right and up the stairs, the younguns, much more diverse and all now bearing the newer branding of "SUNY Buffalo Law School." I like to think that by being in between, I got the best of both:)
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