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Senses of Place and Sounds of Music - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Senses of Place and Sounds of Music

I met the Geniuses today. As a result, the cyberkids are speaking to one another again.  Turned out it was an auxiliary Apple program gumming up the connection between phone and PC, which Apple's initial online support instructions didn't tell me to uninstall along with iTunes itself (though they did suggest toggling it, which I did, to no good use).  Once the Geniuses deleted all the proggies and put them back in, Twobor and the phone instantly synced calendars- and, fortunately, did NOT sync music. That would've killed the playlists I'd already made, which did not survive the reinstall on the PC but did survive on the unsync'd music section of the phone.

With a little homework, I figured out that you can transfer playlists in reverse, from phone to PC- but it's a pain. You can only do one at a time, and it's a two-step process, of exporting a text file to the PC and then importing it into iTunes.  Fortunately, I didn't make all that many playlists when I reacquired all my music after the previous Windows 10 laptop went off to Jesus, and I'm going to find out tomorrow if there's some way of storing them in the iCloud for if- oh, let's just say it, for when- this happens again.


The Apple Store here is in a mall that's not in the hoitiest-toitiest sections of town, but its shopping population is largely higher-end (and disproportionately Canadian, despite the crashing Loonie).  You could see evidence of that as you walked about.

In the Apple Store itself, a good third of the customers were Middle Eastern women in headscarves.  It's not unusual, even in Wegmans, for other customers to give these women the cold shoulder or worse.  Yet here, they seemed to be perfectly accepted and I saw more smiles than I often see from them when they must feel under siege.

Also, on the way out through H&M, some of the racks were being sorted by a trans woman.  That's a status that in some parts of this area will result in stares or worse.  Here, was just left to her job. It's sad to have to acknowledge that as a sign of progress, but given what's happening in other states right now, it almost is.


Springsteen albums were among the first playlists I synced back, and not just on account of having just seen him.  The Boss has taken a bold stance on the asshaberdashery coming out of North Carolina, by canceling a concert that had been scheduled there on his current River tour.  This resulted in vitriol from a Repugnican Congressman who represents the venue city, who called Bruce a bully for not respecting the sincerely held religious beliefs of people who want to be paranoid about public restrooms.  The good Suthin Repasentative also threw shade on Springsteen "for singing Fortunate Son 18 months ago at the Concert of Valor, which aired live on HBO. 'This is a guy who has such a lack of discernment that he sang a draft-dodging song at a Veterans Day concert meant to honor those who have actually served,' Walker said."

To which I had to reply:

Have you listened to the song, asshat? It does not encourage draft dodging, but condemns the wealthy and privileged chicken hawks who didn't have to dodge it because of their connections- Limbaugh (zits on his ass), Nugent (shit his pants at the draft board), Bush, Cheney, Drumpf. All too feeble, too busy, too important to go themselves, but no problems sending somebody else's boy. (BTW, Congressman? I checked your website- it doesn't mention YOUR record of valiant military service. Know who was a veteran? John Fogerty, who wrote the song.)

The schadenfreude is strong with all of these bigots who are using alleged religious freedoms to support overt LGBT discrimination and any other kinds they can get away with.  NC and Mississippi are losing tourism and economic development opportunities in droves. Meanwhile, with Tennessee jumping on the lynchwagon, one of that lej's leading supporters of an OMG-Trans-in-the-Bathroom! statutes has been effectively banned from getting anywhere near women even outside a toilet:

Tennessee Republican Rep. Jeremy Durham is one of the sponsors of the House Bill 2414, which last week passed the House Education Administration and Planning Committee. HB 2414 and its companion, Senate Bill 2387, aim to prohibit students in public elementary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities or institutions of higher education, from using the bathrooms or locker rooms that comport with their gender identity. The bills mirror provisions of the controversial anti-LGBT laws recently passed in North Carolina and Mississippi, and are near carbon-copies of legislation vetoed by South Dakota’s Republican governor last month after nationwide outcry. ...But Durham is accused of harassment himself — not in restrooms, but elsewhere.

Tennessee's House speaker, Republican Rep. Beth Harwell, recently announced that she's moving Durham's office across the street and limiting his access to the House floor, CBS News reports. Harwell's actions follow an investigation into Durham's conduct by the state attorney general, which included testimonies by 34 women, including politicians, lobbyists, and various staffers. Reports of harassing text messages and sexually suggestive in-person behavior dogged Durham, with some women saying he plied them for their contact information; others said they were fearful of being alone with him. Many women hesitated in reporting the behavior because they feared losing their jobs or being seen as "untrustworthy" by their superiors.

He of course denies everything, and even if he admitted it I'm sure he believes Jeebus would forgive him but not the LGBTs.  Don't know about you, but I have a sincerely held religious belief that he's an asshole.

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