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Sestras. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Friday night, we caught up with the Orphan Black season premiere. Just watched it again (Amazon on demand for three bucks, me having screwed up the recording of both the BBCA episode and the aftershow on Thursday night).

Man, I was out of it Friday night on account of Taz.  I barely remembered half of what happened.  But between the two-now views, seeing most of the aftershow (stupid cable box had its powersave mode set to turn off :P- that's now fixed) and reading the AVClub dirt, I think I'm caught up to where we are.

Or rather, were.

We're back, mostly, to pre-Series One.  As the trailers have been hinting for months, It's All About that Bass Beth this season.  The actors who played Paul, Aldous, Ramon, even the long-dead Maggie Chen are all back.  (Even Delphine may have been hiding in plain sight, but we didn't see that for sure.) 

The strange detours of the past two years- into Amishland, then Castor City- seem to be behind us.  We're back to the centrality of the sestras, and right oot of the gate we've got a new one- MK or Mika, according to Tatiana somewhat inspired by Bjork, with mad hackr skillz and a Dolly the Sheep mask (missed that homage the first time through).

The final moment timewarped back to present day, where half the episode's cast is dead or at least mostly dead- and where four generations of Sarah's fam are about to go back madly on the run.

The aftershow's a little too twee, but they're giving out good information- and as Eleanor mentioned, it's so nice to see both Tat and Kevin Hanchard smiling so much. They usually don't get to; Art never does.

Thursday at 10, Ray. Stay up and make sure it's recording this time.

That was watched for the first time on Tazzer's last night here.  For yesterday, we needed something not so serious, but we stuck with the sestra theme.

Sisters is a fairly typical film from the Saturday Night Live Alumni Association- rapid-fire jokes, plenty of sight gags and drug/drinking humour, and chances for the stars to just be stupid for a couple of hours.  Belushi made a mint off the concept in Animal House, and forty years of later efforts have kept it alive. This was Tina Fey's and Amy Poehler's turn (along with Maya Rudolph in a supporting role, and Amy's love interest coming from a similar gig on MadTV).

For the place we were yesterday afternoon, they killed it.  The comedy was just what we needed.


We're settling back into It All today.  I've done a workout, gotten some groceryish things, and have begun beating the area rug from my office back into submission by hanging and hosing it down outside.  Eleanor's been mostly working with seedlings.

We've both settled on the word "numb" to describe the feeling of loss.  It even carried over into my right-before-waking dream today.  But the rest of our lives, and all of the memories, will carry on.
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