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April Transitions - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
April Transitions
I haven't had that much to say here recently. Combination of being busy and having a bit more blog ennui than usual.  I doubt this week will be much bloggier, as I have six court appearances scheduled for the first four days of this week; some may be moved round, but it's gonna be a bear.

So let's just check in with some of the higher and lower points from the past few days, many of them tied to this changing-of-the-guard time of the year:

We spent most of yesterday in the cleaning and fixer-uppering departments.  Eleanor had asked me to sweep and rinse out the garage yesterday.  That started a game of If You Give a Mouse a Garden Hose, which resulted in one trip to Home Depot (by me), the rearranging of four hoses on four reels, a followup trip to another hardware store (by Eleanor) to buy a replacement clamp for one reel we Frankensteined together to replace the worst of the four we had, and, finally, there was water on the garage floor (intentionally) and hoses and reels connected to all spigots.

April is also tax time, and while we filed earlier in the month, we're now talking to a bank about either a home equity line of credit or an all-out refi.  We got a good rate during our last go-round, but we also got stuck with paying over $100 of mortgage insurance every month, which between better credit now and higher property value may be able to go away. But it's the usual storm of paperwork to get it considered, so we'll be beginning that journey over the next month.

Between all the court and whatnot, I've kept up a good record of getting to workouts.  They're doing a "marathon challenge" this month where you track your treadmill distances and compare them to a half, full or ultra-marathon goal.  With almost a week left, earlier today I already hit the 13.1 mile mark for the month. Between that and trying to cut down on crap-food intake over the past several weeks, I've lost somewhere between 5 and 10 pounds (depending on when I measure).  But I've realised there is a side-effect to that. Two nights running, both recording and then watching Orphan Black, I awoke the next morning not remembering whether I'd put the disk in to record (I had) or if we'd watched the whole episode (we did). As I re-watched the final 15 minutes or so yesterday morning, my recollection of those moments slipped quickly from some to little to none whatsoever.  I didn't get stupid in any other respect, at least verbally, but Eleanor did notice I was getting pretty clumsy. So I've got to either be very mindful of how much I drink, and/or be careful to be eating at least something while I'm doing so. I tried doing so last night, with much better results.

In the middle of all of this, I got a call from my sister; she fell at home and wound up with a broken arm and a very sore schnozz. Between her, Betty, and at least two people I know recovering from full hysterectomies right now, I'm starting to think that the Zodiac sign for this month shouldn't be "Taurus" but "Admitting Ward."

Prince died. Perhaps you heard about it. Bruce Springsteen opened his Brooklyn show last night with a tribute cover of "Purple Rain."  Plenty of other images by and about the man are also abounding right now.  I'm madder at 2016 than ever.

And now we're transitioning to afternoon, and there's things to be done.
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greenquotebook From: greenquotebook Date: April 24th, 2016 08:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
At the rate we're losing artists this year, I'll be happy if Sting and Bono survive.
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