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Wins, Losses and an Unholy Alliance - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Wins, Losses and an Unholy Alliance

Today was the first of six court appearances I had scheduled over the first four days of the week.  The good news is, that number is now halved; one is done, one to be postponed, one unnecessary.  But, ah, the getting there.

Client One was due to meet me at the court location before 9 this morning. Round 8:48, seeing nobody, I called.  He thought is was on for 10.  This, despite two separate notices in writing and a recent meeting in person where I specifically mentioned the early hour.  It was ultimately no harm, no foul (other than a one-hour delay of game penalty which I got to serve), but it started me off with a bad case of the Mondays.

That grumpiness got visited on Client Three, who had just been renamed Client Two after my earlier hearing tomorrow morning got pulled off my calendar.  Newly Renumbered Client emailed me to beg out of the hearing we had tomorrow; a time off request at work had been denied.  I overruled it: they would move to dismiss, it would inconvenience numerous people (including me, but I didn't highlight that), and it could easily be remedied by the ancient workplace remedy known as Call In Sick.  Within moments, a higher authority than even me confirmed that we could go forward tomorrow. Now I hope I don't break my leg while I'm bowling.

The rest of the day went better, including a stupidly short but reasonably productive trip to Rochester, with office supply stops either side of it to pick at another Going-Out-Of-Business carcass of the Office Max/Depot two-headed hydra.  They resulted in the Thursday hearing there being postponed, so today should be my only road day of the week.

Which is good, because it's pouring holy shitballs out there right now.


The two biggest news stories of the day are each bizarre in their own way.

First, it was announced that the Donald's remaining Republican enemies have formed some sort of joint effort to deny him a first-ballot nomination at the convention.  In a season that has Bat fighting Supe, and Cap going after Tony, this just seems like another predictable superhero plot. I assume they'll all reunite in the end to fight off the common supervillains: Socialistman and Cankles!

Somehow, they think this is gonna stop the Walking Drumpf from eating the rest of our country's BRAINNNNNNNS. Good luck with that.

And speaking of zombies: Deflategate has avoided another blow to the head. Our home-team intermediate federal appellate court ruled today that Tom Brady will have to serve his four-game suspension after all, over something so minor and stupid compared to the cover-up that it defies the imagination.  If this finally sticks, the Bills will benefit, since they're scheduled to play New England on the road in the fourth and final week of his exile.  Legal eagles refuse to count Pretty Boy out, though. He still has options: petitioning for a full-circuit court rehearing of the appeal by all 20-odd active circuit judges; asking for the Supreme Court to review the appeal on certiorari; demanding that the International Court of Justice hear his case; and failing that, there's the Federation High Council. Which, quite likely, will already be running this sector of the galaxy by the time these appeals are all exhausted and Brady's great-grandchildren are pursuing the clearing of his name.

Maybe he should just show up in Week One wearing a Spiderman costume.  By then, Sony will have rebooted the franchise yet again and he can pretend that the deflating of footballs just never happened.

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angledge From: angledge Date: April 27th, 2016 03:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
That Superhill image is whack!
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