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Long Days and Far Aways.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Long Days and Far Aways....
I got my car back this morning. Well before 6 a.m.

The original plan was for me to get sort-of ready before feeding the animals before 6, then grab a quick final shut-hour before heading over to pick it up- but there was enough noise and such to wake Eleanor, so she opted to leave early. Ziggy didn't even have a full charge back by then, but it was more than enough, and I decided to just go in early once she dropped me in Erin's lot.

The day was marginally productive and not too exhausting despite the early start. I ran into one of my favorite long-time lawyer colleagues in court this morning; he was admitted to the Bar the year I was born, but he has always been a kind and decent soul, and when the judge (older than me, younger than him) started giving him a hard time about some picayune point, I almost wanted to risk contempt and say, Give the dude some respect!

Once home, I finished the first full mow of the back yard, walked the dog, and watched a bit of Mets.  I also got a text from the kid which confirmed that she's finally taken her long-awaited trip to NYC.  Apparently she just missed Pierce Brosnan coming out of NBC Studios, but she had to endure a near-encounter with one of Trump's kids.

Drumpf pere will likely win the main prize tonight and, if you believe him, it will all be over on the Republican side.  I prefer not to get in the habit of believing him about anything.

Tomorrow should be a decent day in terms of Gittin Stuff Done.  I could use that right about now.
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