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Today is a very special day... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Today is a very special day...
That's the title of one of the songs of my childhood, from the beloved Mister Rogers.  Its lyrics were quite profound:

Today is a very special day
A very very very special day
A very very very very very very very very very very very special day

Fortunately, I can't find audio. Because that would be cruel.

Two of my bigger cases are coming to heads today. The newer of them resolved with amazing speed: I sued it in early April; by mid-month heard from a large law firm (not the one beating up another new client of mine) who asked for some time which I gave them; they made an offer Wednesday which the client accepted; and I'm picking up a check today.

Would that all of them 'twere so simple.  (Try saying that repeatedly.)

Today's matter has been on a much slower boat since the middle of last year. Sued in August, defended by September, papers floated around for a few months, an April court date was assigned, adjourned and adjourned again, and now I'm waiting for my opposite number to come in to review the numbers and, I suspect, make an offer.  If not, I file a response to their limited opposition and I take my chances on Monday.

ETA. We're close. Perilously close. I give it a 90-plus percent chance if I can communicate with a client human being first thing Monday. Otherwise, we joust:


By the end of today, I likely will file two more bankruptcies, bringing the total for the past two weeks to five.  I've never been a high-volume filer (it's rare to file two on the same day), but making it more remarkable is that in 2012, I didn't file five cases in the entire year, and only one in the first nine months.  The law hasn't changed appreciably between then and now; the economy is improved, especially in this region; and I'm not doing anything different in terms of marketing.  Some of these filings are coming through a colleague and I am trying to get a direct connection to them.


Emily's back from the big city; she and a co-worker just went down for a day.  Cameron will be coming home this weekend for his brother's birthday, but we probably won't see much of him, either.


Well, the dude's now officially an hour late.  Maybe he got lost in the Land of Make Believe:P
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