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Branching out.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Branching out....
Quite a day today- as much as anything in terms of range as quantity.

I usually stay in my comfort zone, which consists of bankruptcy cases and collections lawsuits. Most of the former involve consumers; most of the latter involve businesses, and it's rare for either to involve genuine disputes.

Today brought plenty in both of those sectors- we finally filed the two-in-a-day cases I thought would be filed last Friday, and I finally did settle the substantial commercial collection case from last Friday which I've been shepherding since last summer.  The latter wound up at a reluctant but safe-to-accept amount, particularly given an unusual amount of consternation among state court judges in these parts right now; it will pay All The Things needing to be paid for this month, which is about as far as I can plan, anyway.

The more interesting thing was the number of times I crossed outside my usual boundaries.  In rough order of occurrence:

Sexual harassment law.  This came earliest, and hit closest to home, since it involved a complaint from my wife against a professional we are both acquainted with.  I am sparing more detail here- she has posted about it if you have access to hers- and my role was more as listener than as doer, but she resolved the situation quickly and satisfactorily in terms of alternative professional commitments for both of us, and if the offender attempts any repercussions, we will both be there to bite him in the ass.

Real estate. Ah, the gift that keeps on giving. After a particularly nail-biting transaction late last year, I finally swore off the acceptance of these kinds of closings, referring them to my friend and officemate who does them routinely and well.  Trouble is, not every existing client knows this, nor do new buyers or sellers who've met me for bankruptcy and want to refer a real estate deal.  Once you get your name on the bottom of a real estate contract, it's basically chiseled as if on a headstone, and no amount of correcting messages or emails from me or Melissa seems to dissuade them from sending me documents, calling me about "status," or generally whining.

Business sale. Here, I'm doing a little better unentangling myself. A friend contacted me a while back about possibly selling his business. I referred it to my co-workers in Rochester, who do that kind of thing routinely and well. Nothing came of it until late last week, when he called to say a business broker might have a buyer for it.  Of course it's a broker that we've all had separate dealings with- me for possible collection referrals, Melissa for possible real estate, Rochester for buy-sell possibilities.  None of us put him in touch with them, or vice versa.  And then my friend unexpectedly showed up in my office late Friday to meet with yet another attorney in our office on yet another Thing.  So today we just moved our Thing along a little.

Yes, even criminal court.  This came at day's end, and left me feeling the guiltiest- not for my incompetence at it (I freely admit that), but at my magical ability to show up a few minutes late for court, over half an hour after a posse of defendants had to wait through a queue and go through security, and without even asking get moved to third on the line and my client (son of a friend) was pleaded and out the door in under 20 minutes from the moment I got there.  He also paid less for his three tickets, once we got them pleaded down to one, than I wound up paying for my one stupid midnight parking ticket on the way back from the Mets.

Come back tomorrow. Maybe we'll do securities law or something.
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liddle_oldman From: liddle_oldman Date: May 11th, 2016 09:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Constitutional law? I hear it's the coming thing... :)
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