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Hulk Smash! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Hulk Smash!
I didn't do well with doors today.

After a morning of cranking out paperwork, I ran errands for an hour or two, including a stop at a Wegmans near a friend's house. I'd hoped she could figure out why a work website was suddenly not playing well with Edge or IE on this computer-  the only browsers, alas, it had ever worked with. No luck. So I headed back to work,  put my perishable groceries in the office fridge, shut the door, and


Apparently a vase full of dried flowers on top of the fridgidydaire had been slowly drifting to the corner of the appliance, slam by slam. Mine was the slam that finally sent it all to Explodoland.  Everyone was kind as they helped me clean it up- nobody's even sure whose vase it was.

Then, after about three more mostly annoying hours of unresponsive and clueless clients, I got home, started feeding the animals, opened our kitchen cabinets to get Ebony's antihistamine out,... and almost caused another crash of crackers onto the kitchen floor.

Maybe I should just stay in tomorrow. I could, because tomorrow morning's scheduled extravaganza finally settled barely 15 minutes before 5 today, and three other things are still awaiting action from other people before I can do anything in response.

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