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Luck You:P - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Luck You:P
Friday the 13th came and went. Mostly went.  I spent the entire morning basically sitting by my phone, watching the grass grow on the courtyard outside, while clients and opponents went out of their way to not return my repeated calls and emails.

Finally, I said, "Fuck it."  The weather was predicted to be shaky this weekend- and colder, possibly even invoking the S-word after an 80F-degree day on Thursday- so I left at lunchtime. Ate at home, then finished mowing the back yard, which I'd not managed to finish the night before.  Then ran errands- including replacing a lawnmower bolt which fell off somewhere in the back forty weeds, and formally firing our sexist gastroenterologist- before still having enough time to work in a late-afternoon workout.  Only one of the calls finally came, and that was at 4:30.  I'll deal with it Monday.

I'll also deal with the other absent callers who finally got around to returning them today.  One was calling about paying; I took that one. The other can also wait.  Ultimately, the really bad weather never came, and I got in a morning of weed-whacking in the back yard while Eleanor worked on the door to the greenhouse.

Once done with those, we watched the latest Orphan Black, and eventually the aftershow. A return of a much-missed clone, and a Doctor Whomage which apparently the entire rest of the Clone Club- including Emily- missed.

I ordered a bunch of Amazon Things, including Deadpool which came out earlier this week, and an external Blu-Ray drive for our laptops. DVDs are increasingly coming with few if any special features, saving those for the Blu-Ray versions- which they often sell you in the same package as the DVD.  So now we'll be able to see any on that disk, as well as on Force Awakens, which has similar issues.

Best meme about that movie, though? Is this one, which I just saw today:

Eleanor had previously commented that she thought Luke looked more like Orson Welles than Obi-Wan at the end of the film, but this is even closer to the truth.  It also generated a ton of good comments on the associated Facebook link:

That lightsaber really tied the room together.

If your wife owes money to Jabba the Hutt that means you owe money to Jabba the Hutt.

Don't be fatuous, Jar-Jar.

And my contribution, Han Solo having been established as being Walter in the comments:

Shut the fuck up, Chewie!

I better go. I really shouldn't be posting on Shabbos.
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