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Day of Wins - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Day of Wins
You must expect good things when you set an alarm for 7:45 on a Sunday morning.  One of them was not seeing it snow at 8:55, although that happened. (It downright sleeted back at the house several hours later- but it's better now.)  However, it was something of a redeeming sight to see this on the wall at the studio where I do fitness classes a couple of times a week:

That's missing not just the M from "marathon"  but the equally important qualifier of "half." Thirteen point one, bitches; that was their recommendation for what I should sign up for when they announced this April-long challenge at the beginning of that month, based on how often I show up (usually twice a week) and how fast I go (not too). Honestly, by mid-month it was something of a pain in the ass; there were Ruulz about what distances counted; the workouts varied tremendously, making it sometimes impossible to break a mile in 20-odd minutes and making you do manual math on others; and by month-end, there was virtually no reporting of our self-reported distances beyond what we could read on our own 3x5 sweat-stained index cards.

Still. I was proud when I cleared 13.1 by around the 20th- as proud of my athletic as my mathematic feat of figuring it out- and when I did the last one on the 29th or 30th, I didn't even bother checking my final total. But no matter- I won my age group for the Half!  I, um, was apparently the only male IN my age group for the half:/

No prizes. Hell, I paid 15 bucks plus tax for the privilege, receiving in return a hand towel that probably retails for a third of that.  But it's an accomplishment all the same, and lots of people cheered me on for it.


Home, then, for lunch and cleaning the fish and starting to listen to the Mets final road trip game.  Having conquered the treadmill, I felt inspired to tackle the tech.

As I mentioned some time back, a major go-to work website of mine stopped working a few weeks ago.  It only worked in Microsoft browsers, but on Death Day it stopped playing even with them- rejecting my password, a weird occurrence for a site allowing access as a guest.  Even odder, it worked fine on other computers I accessed- so there must've been some Issue with my Edge-stallation on this one.

I tried things.  My friend and guru took a swing at it, but in the end, mighty Lisa had struck out.  I found the "search help" link on the main page which was useless, and calls to the government office and then emails to their Help Desk led to no help.  I even managed to kill Edge on Twobor completely, in hopes of cleanly reinstalling it.  Wound up doing a system restore to get it back, no online access and all.

Finally, today, I resorted to excess: I installed Opera, a fifth browser, on this laptop.  (Neither Microsoft browser worked anymore; Firefox and Chrome couldn't even get past the initial SQL install- whatever "SQL" means:P)

Opera didn't work, either- but. It rendered the page in a smaller font. And THAT revealed a whole bottom of the Main Page I'd never seen before.  Including a link to What To Do If Page Won't Load.

How easy could it be? Open Explorer. Delete blah/blah/appdata/local/app2.  Reopen Edge reclick the link, and BOOM! Back in business!

I will probably email the Help Desk to let them know how I solved my own problem, in hopes that they will help the next schnook the next time it happens.

As if.
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warriorsavant From: warriorsavant Date: May 16th, 2016 07:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hurrah for you! That's a half-a-marathon more than I, or probably most of your readers, will manage this year.
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