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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow(s) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow(s)
For some unknown reason(s), yesterday was the clusteriest of clusterfucks.  I was on the road from 8 to 4 and accomplished absolutely nothing in that time.  One court appearance: I walked in as the case was being called and other than announcing my appearance, didn't say a word or need to.  Then the first of two client appointments wound up producing no clients.  I couldn't advance anything, get answers to questions on a number of fronts, and by the time the 1 o'clock appointment turned into a 2 o'clock and finally a no o'clock, I just left.  The clients from that second meeting then called- one couldn't hear me, the other insisted on me playing psychic in my spare time.

Once I got back here, moments too late to check on the status of our latest refi, every computer I touched, crashed. It got comical on the third of three.  The first, my backup billing machine I'd brought with me in case I had free time to enter my time (got THAT done, yay:P); the second, a coworker's while I waited for that one to reboot; and finally this one, which had been at home all day, had been properly put into sleep mode before leaving, but insisted on a complete restart anyway.

I then pulled a bonehead move in the back yard right before Eleanor came home, and the day ended with me forgetting to record Orphan Black. Again.

Die, Thursday, die.


Fortunately, it did. It tends to at midnight whether you're pissed at it or not. And today was not without its aggravations, but they were far better contained.

Only one client proceeded to be Thursday-level annoying; I did the best I could with it and have nothing else to do or feel bad about.

The client who couldn't hear me yesterday wound up being a brief first-thing phone call this morning.  Never got pushback on that one, either.

Lots of people blew out of their offices early to get a jump on the weekend, so the day went quickly. I screwed up a date on a filing but fortunately noticed in time for a quick recovery before dozens of documents went out with the misteek on it.

Got one court case filed to be finalized next week, and found out that another, resubmitted last week, was just finalized yesterday; I just haven't gotten it back in the mail yet.

I finally got a sort-of refi update; nothing new they need, which is good, but I should have a better idea of what to expect on timing and any other requirements by Tuesday at the latest.

I did wind up getting home a little early this afternoon, and did some backyard things ahead of Eleanor coming home which I believe are NOT boneheaded this time.

And Orphan Black is cued and ready on this computer- which, like the others I used during the day, has not crashed.


That leaves three blessed days away from the crazy people. Other than working round here, the only fixed plans for the weekend are a workout tomorrow morning, and church on Sunday.  I'll do my second-in-a-series post before or after that concerning what that-all's about.  Eleanor works Monday; I don't.  One of the long-awaited Netflix-bingers, Bloodline season 2, dropped today, and series 3 of Peaky Blinders hits the legal market on Tuesday (and probably the less legal one already, since BBC2 has been showing it since early May).

Then a short week; Tuesday already got shorter, since a client called to beg out of something that afternoon. Wednesday will be out of town, then the Very Very (etc.) Special Day case from last month should be finalized no later than Friday.

Right. Off to feed animals. Because that, like Jesus, is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
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