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Whoyagonnacall? WEEDwhackers! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Whoyagonnacall? WEEDwhackers!

For years, we've had a simple system for gardening at this home: Eleanor creates, I kill.

There are exceptions.  Dave, our backyard pin oak, was mine all the way- creating his hole, selecting him, planting him; he's now the tallest or second-tallest tree on the lot. Likewise, this morning while I was out working out and then briefly adulting, Eleanor was in the whacking mode, scraping vines off the back garage wall and clearing a big trash can's worth of wisteria crap out of Dave's crown.  But for most of this afternoon, we were in our usual roles.

As Eleanor herself has recently posted, it's difficult getting me to limit the collateral damage from my weed-killing runs. Her latest, and mostly successful, solution is to spraypaint the specific items she wants whacked.  A pie tin helps with the directional directions.  And on Friday, four cans worth of such leavings from last weekend got picked up by the town.  Yesterday and today, though, I turned to a patch in the back corner of the lot, where only the front row was marked with the Blue Paint of Death.

No, that did not mean that was all there was.  There was salvagable foliage in the back of the left side of the patch; but everything else, including a couple of small self-seeded trees, needed to be shoveled and raked and implement-of-destructioned out of there.

By mid-afternoon today, and with several t-shirts soaked through with sweat, this is how it looked:

That whole patch was filled with the weeds you see along the right side and still taking up much of the space on the left; there is a plant in that latter space needing to be saved, so I stayed away from it.  But everything in front of and to the right of that spot is now clear-cut, and two more full garbage cans stand as proof of that.

You get kinda obsessed as the work goes on, never being sure quite when to end it for a day.  Perhaps you hope for A Sign- and today, I got one.  As I dug in that rightmost back corner near the fence, my dirty hands noticed a Shiny.  There should be no shinies out here, so I stopped to investigate.  This was the Shiny Signy:

Yup.  Over a year ago, the stupid cat got out, and when she finally came in, she was nekkid.  I rooted round those back grounds for weeks trying to find where she'd managed to slip her collar and tag, without success.  Of course it was in the furthest corner of the entire yard not patrolled by an enemy dog, where no foot other than hers would have been able to tread until it was all cleared today.

Eventually, I replaced her ID:


Since the Mets won again today, that one's not coming off- but at least now we once again have a backup;)


I know I said something about a "stuffing" entry- the denouement of that story has been delayed until the end of Monday, so that post will also be delayed.

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tilia_tomentosa From: tilia_tomentosa Date: June 5th, 2016 10:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow, that was a lot of work!

And you even found a hidden treasure! lol
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