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Not Exactly a Distraction.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Not Exactly a Distraction....
Plenty of bad news to wake up to and fall asleep to, from the world of violence and LGBT equality. It needs and will get its own commentary, but not now.

I tried for distractions.  More garden extractions and mowing.  Time in the office.  Time in the liquor store.  By afternoon, though, we each tried distractions of the video kind. Toward the end, we eventually got to stream Zootopia- delayed thanks to DRM bullshit coming on account of Emily being the source of the stream. Even this one had more violence and play on "predator" stereotypes than I could've used today.  But overall, a well-drawn and well-voiced (largely by lesser-knowns) contribution to the Disney legacy.

Earlier, on my own, I finished my binge of the six-episode third series of Peaky Blinders.  That's not going to put you into a Kumbaya mood, either. Its final 50-odd minutes took the several plotlines of the previous episodes and even seasons (Grace's death, the mysterious right-wing conspiracy, the boys' connections to both sides of the Russian/Soviet snit of 1922, Polly being painted by DS9's Doctor Bashir, and assorted plans to steal, kill and blow up stuff) and wove it into a virtual nonstop thriller with twist after turn after quiet but deadly cliffhanger at the end.  At the heart of it was Tommy's young son Charlie- who gets kidnapped in a Captain Obvious setup in the first few minutes, witnesses a Dexter boxcar-style murder that will likely turn him into a sociopathic serial killer by Series Five, and finally coos his way through his Da's double- and triple-crossing of family members in the final scene.  Before the screen goes black, Tommy hints at the return of/to his alternative horsey-set girlfriend in Series Four; and I half expect Sam Neill to show back up as a zombie or something because I can't seem to watch a show these days without the dead coming back in one form or another (Danny, Bloodline; various, Orphan Black).

Speaking of the latter, only one more of those, then I'll need to find something new for the summer. BBCA is heavily pimping Thirteen, but I'm not buying- yet. Maybe Grace and Frankie, the Lily Tomlin/Hane Fonda series I've heard good things about. Any other ideas? Bueller?
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