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Hate WHAT you should hate. Which is hate itself. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Hate WHAT you should hate. Which is hate itself.

Such a passionate response, and deservedly so, response to the senseless murder of 50 members of Orlando's LGBT community. Accompanied, unfortunately, by an outpouring of xenophobia and stupidity- based solely and instantly on the name of the killer.  A Muslim. Muslims bad. Just ask the almost certain nominee of the second biggest party in the country, who took the opportunity to tweet an #IToldYouSo; all but blame the current President for the attack;and then have a snit and revoke the press credentials of the Washington Post for translating the dog-whistle into English and reporting that Drumpf did say that.

Meanwhile, early yesterday- a continent away and the morning after-  police stopped another and potentially even bigger threat to the LGBTs of Southern California: James Howell of Indiana, that hotbed of Fundie Christian Sharia Law, was caught with a cache of weapons and bomb-making materials on his way to Santa Monica's gay pride parade.  While pundits were quick to state that this terror incident was not connected to the Florida one, I have yet to hear a peep of protest of how he is emblematic of radically terrorist followers of Jesus- the guy's named after one of His apostles!- who are just as dangerous and destructive in response to the dog-whistles of hate that they hear coming out of the New Testament.

It's a common thread, and these days an all-too-common one; as I posted on Facebook earlier:

Before putting a "hate" label on any religion or ethnicity based on the events of the past weekend- from Orlando to Santa Monica to God knows where the next one will be- just remember that hate is universal. Every religion preaches against it, yet every religion embraces it when it suits its dogma- and the only way to prevent hate of the "other" is to love them instead. Unconditionally.

Accompanying that was a link to this sadly still-relevant song from 1965 by Tom Lehrer.  At least back then we made at least a token effort to put away our prejudices for at least the occasional occasion:

The observance he's singing about was begun in 1934 by the National Conference of Christians and Jews- an odd confluence at the time when the former were still blackballing the latter in business and society and, not long later, actively keeping them out of our country as refugees. (Sound familiar?) It was also before the Fundies fell in love with the Jewish people in general and the State of Israel in particular, which they've done mainly because of apocalyptic prophecies requiring Christians to make nice-nice to them until they can rebuild their Temple and start the timer on the Book of Revelation.

Alas, even by my becoming sentient about such times in the 1970s, it was no longer even a big enough deal to make fun of, and by the end of the Reagan Administration and its institutionalization of dog-whistle politics, the observance was gone.

The political climate has certainly deteriorated since the demise of National Brotherhood Week - although the hatred and vitriol aimed at most of the Presidents during that period has nothing to do with bias, bigotry or racism.

Most?  Yes, my friends. Some (but by no means all) of the Obama hatred we see today is the result of racism.  There cannot be any doubt about that.  Birtherism, demands for school records, calling him and his ideas "foreign" to America - these all come from subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) racism.  Did you think that electing our first President of color would bring us closer to the color-blind society about which Martin Luther King Jr. prophesied?  Sadly, it seems to have brought us further from that dream.  Further from the goals of the NCCJ and National Brotherhood Week.

He then ends with the Lehrer song, too, because in those times, and even more in these, we need that kind of humor- to cut through this bullshit and remind ourselves that laughter and love are a combination that can overcome most anything.
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