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Verry inttterrestink.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Verry inttterrestink....

At the kids' tonight. I was in Rochester most of the day, most of it unproductive. Including a crosstown trip to meet a client and a mutual attorney, neither of whom showed up. Then downtown for filing, where I discovered where at least one of the sloths wound up getting work after Zootopia wrapped:

And finally got out just in time to miss a possible midweek workout at my chain's Pittsford location. But 'saright. Ate dinner with Em and Cameron, started bingewatches of something new (Grace and Frankie) and something old (West Wing, continuing the Martin Sheme), and talked with Eleanor, who among other things posted today with a picture of one of the orioles we've been courting:

Oh, and the hearing at 9 tomorrow morning I'm staying over for? The guy running it emailed me within the half hour with a list of 13 different things he wants us to produce.  I have, or can get, most if not all of them- just not on twelve hours notice.  Between the quickness he expects and the sloth I encountered, that about averages out to one normal human being:P

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