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Changes, and no changes at all:P - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Changes, and no changes at all:P
I began yesterday getting scheduled for my own session with Mister Doctor Peepers. Saturday, July 23rd, what would have been my sister's 77th birthday. Maybe I can get WABC Musicradio in the waiting room.

Assuming all goes well, I've been invited to a Mets game that next Monday night with a group from UB Law School. Not sure if it'll work, since the Schedule Gods immediately slapped me with a bankruptcy hearing in Buffalo on the following Tuesday morning. I don't mind driving straight home after a day game, but an all-nighter would be pushing it.  I'll check on options for covering my hearing that following day.


Finally, a list of eligible concerts appeared today.  Nothing of any great interest.  Not even Huey Lewis ::runs like hell::

Supposedly, they've released lawn seats to a number of Darien Lake shows, including the Goos and Heart/Joan Jett (different shows).  I've yet to see formal notification of that, and I've already offered one of my two-ticket vouchers to friends who I know would like the latter. If you learn of any in your area, let me know; I have more than I'm ever likely to use.

Meanwhile, a big whoop six-and-change-dollar credit showed up on my Amazon account, perhaps over an Apple price-fixing settlement. You might want to check your account with either Apple or Amazon, to see if you have any unexpected booty.


I settled a case today. The stress in the hearing related not to inside the courtroom, but outside.

We were scheduled for 1:45.  My opponent was still texting his client well past 2. Finally, we had the structure of a deal. But the judge had another matter by then, and then my opponent needed to go feed his parking meter. By the time the court reporter showed up and he came back, I was worried about being overtime at my own meter. Fortunately, when I got back,....


That's all the news there is. I found myself in weak resignation over the Not News of yesterday- that the U.S. Senate once again blocked any meaningful reform of our gun laws because 53 of them are bought and paid for by the Nuts Running America and refused to allow even temporary restrictions on documented terror suspects like the dude in Orlando.

There's no point getting mad about it. Better to get even. If you're in a swing state like Pennsylvania, where a supposed moderate Republican conspired with this insanity, get your butt out and vote him or her out of office in November.  Maybe that will start the process of change. 
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platypus From: platypus Date: June 29th, 2016 07:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ugh; apparently those "free" tickets are basically useless. They issued exponentially more than they are obliged to actually redeem, in dollar amount terms, so there's little chance of actually using them, even if there were something you wanted to use them on. And there wasn't a single one within hundreds of miles of me.

At least I can use those $2.25 codes... when I'm forced to buy more Ticketmaster tickets.
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