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Some Things Fishy - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Some Things Fishy
Abalone! You're just being shellfish!

-from the worst collection of fish puns ever

Yesterday, we just kept swimming. First, it was time for me to do the roughly biweekly cleaning of our main aquarium.  For over a decade, this has involved changing the filters; dragging the tank into the kitchen; thoroughly cleaning the algae and other detritus out of the equipment and floor and walls and decorations; dumping the two tenants into a milk jug for the duration; refilling and dechlorinating the (now) ten gallons; dumping the tenants back in and dragging the whole assembly back.

Now, though, come to find? You're Dory-ing it wrong:

The main takes from that:

- Don't change all the water at once any more than once a month; a partial change every few weeks is better for them.

- Don't change the filter even if it looks dirty, as long as it's still circulating water at the normal speed.

- Don't do the partial water change (half to a third is fine) and the filter change at the same time.

- Do use a suction-vacuum thingie to remove the water that you do remove which will also get waste out of the gravel on the bottom.

- Do let the algae remain; it's a sign of a healthy ecosystem. If it's excessive or blocking your view, scrape it only to the extent necessary.

Once Eleanor got home with the $16 new part, these steps cut the time by more than two-thirds and the physical effort by even more. No shlepping the whole 10-gallon tank to and fro, or shocking the fish by moving them into nets and a jug and back again into colder than usual water. They kinda freaked when the vacuum hose went to the bottom, but they're fish; they won't remember a thing in five minutes anyway. Replacing the suctioned water took four dechlorinated gallon jugs and about three minutes, versus five times that for the complete emptying. And the tank/filter/heater/air hose all mostly stayed put.

Now I gotta get that aquarium guy to start working on catboxes;)


This effort came in the middle of our Day At The Cinema, where I wound up getting an unfortunate schooling on online ordering.

We'd been wanting to see Finding Dory, and since yesterday was projected to be utterly beastly in the heat department in the afternoon, that's when we shot for. I went to the ticketing site; I clicked the pretty blue fishy icon; Eleanor confirmed the late afternoon time; I picked two seats in mid-auditorium (AMC does reserved-recliner seating here, and wow there were lots of choices of where to sit); I paid; I printed our tickets....

to the wrong film.

And not anything we'd want to see, either, but a scary shark attack film:P  Too late to back out of the online order, I printed the ticket and took it to the box office, four hours early.  Good: they'd let me switch it out. Better: the Dory time was almost the same.  Not so good: only second row seating was available.

Still, we went, and it was fine, even if close enough that I didn't need glasses. (Besides, there was a beluga in the film to help with nearsightedness;)  Well done, a different enough story than Nemo but still well connected to it, and lots of in-jokes to other films, Pixar and otherwise.


Then, today, every little thing in life seems to have tanked.

A first-thing email from a longtime client (sent at 1:something in the morning) complaining about things going back to 2005.

First hour in the office producing calls from more out-of-left-field clients than I usually get in a month.

Then a call from the kid in a moderate panic over something (we think we've worked it out, but it's still not 100% certain).

It's gotten better since then. A potentially deal-breaking condition on our refi turns out (probably) not to be; I got two major piles of paperwork off my desk on time; and I may have settled a relatively small but painful-for-client case.

Now if only I can get used to the water in my tank tasting a little funny.
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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: June 29th, 2016 03:33 am (UTC) (Link)
glad they let you exchange the tickets.
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