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"And that's only the half of it!" - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"And that's only the half of it!"

We go into the second half of 2016 on what is proving to be a Mostly Dead Friday. Eleanor took the day off in anticipation of needing a followup visit with the colonscopy doc; he canceled it, but she kept the day off anyway.  Her brother's planning to visit tomorrow- first time he'll have been out since the kitchen reno last year.

I've been in the office all day, but lots of other places are closed or closing early, and I'm mainly still here because Stupidhead managed to run a page of labels that came unstuck while going through our printer/copier and now every page, whether printed or copied, comes out like this-

They're supposedly going to get to it this afternoon, so I'm kinda stuck here until they do.

If there's enough time, I've got to run "up the Transit" to the town in the adjacent county where our new Peeper Doctor is located, but not to see him. I filed papers up there electronically last week, but their office doesn't have electronic records to look up other things in connection with it.

Eleanor works Monday when I don't. One thing I might check out is this new, and very weird, Daniel Radcliffe film in which he's Manny instead of Harry:

Hank is stranded on an island and is about to kill himself.

His life flashes before his eyes and it is not the life he had imagined for himself – full of “parties, friends, guitar and possibly a girl.”

Suddenly, a man washes up onshore and although dead, his body has enough stored energy in the form of flatulence that Hank realizes he can ride “Manny” like a jet ski. While they don’t find help, they do get closer to civilization and a grateful and lonely Hank lifts Manny onto his back.

Thus begins “Swiss Army Man” – a surreal quest for survival and highly unusual buddy film.

During their adventure, Manny’s assorted body parts serve as jet ski, canteen, firestarter, gun, razor, wood-splitter, slingshot, and in moments of excitement, a compass.

And don't forget that constant farting part.  I only hope that his lifeless form still has enough wizarding in it to cry out "Expelliaramus!" at least once;)

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plantmom From: plantmom Date: July 1st, 2016 07:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh. Good. Lord.
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