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Things learned, thing settled, coffee disaster avoided.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Things learned, thing settled, coffee disaster avoided....

This week, short to begin with, was scheduled to be very middle-heavy.  Court and court-ish hearings three mornings straight, plus one tomorrow afternoon, plus two new client appointments Thursday afternoon in two different cities.  Plus plus, two adorable friends of mine (daughter of one of my besties and her BF) will be in one Niagara Falls or the other sometime Thursday and I need to try working them in as well.

Today was the earliest court, coming off a less than stellar night sleep on account of all the boom-booms, so I needed my Timmy's and how before getting on the road before 8 this morning.  The queues of cars into their drive-through the morning can be legendary, but this one wasn't too bad. Until I saw construction workers hanging around the entrance to the lane. And then placing a ROAD CLOSED sign next to my car, and then orange cones behind it.  I was to become the Last Double-Double Standing- and close to eight hours later when I drove by again, it was still blocked off.

Don't make me uncaffeinated, Mr. Horton. You wouldn't like me when I'm uncaffeinated.

Court then went okay, I settled the earlier of the two hearings I had scheduled for tomorrow, and then I got to learning some new Stupid Computer Tricks.


My iPhone music has been a mishmash since my previous Windows 8-to-10 laptop went byebye.  I managed to screw up storing it in the OneDrive cloud, and ultimately got the songs mostly back by reverse-restoring into iTunes from my two separate synced-to-phone collections.  But today, I noticed two songs were missing from two playlists.  The same song, as it turned out- three-year-apart vinyl versions of an old college-favourite band which a friend graciously converted to CDs and which I then added to iTunes last summer.  They still showed up on my PC and played when I opened iTunes on here, but in the playlists I saved them to, they appeared in a slightly lighter gray font, and no amount of deleting and restoring from songlist to playlist would ungray them on the PC or make them appear on the phone.  I did some checking, and yes, I'd seen


Yes, you can resolve this by deleting the "bad" songs off of your device manually re-adding them.

=*= This is caused by the song(s) getting corrupted on the device, so for example, if you were to unplug the device while it was synching, you could end up with these "ghost" songs. Or as someone else mentioned, it happened while adding songs while iTunes was performing other activities... So be patient.

=*= This can be a real pain because even if you were to try and add the songs again on top of the ghost songs it wont work because the device already thinks they're being loaded to the device even though they're never going to get there...

=*= There are multiple options for resolving the ghosting songs problem, but really, honestly, the easiest approach is just to take manual control of the music on the device, delete them, and re-add them.

For me, at least, it was only necessary to delete the ghosts from the playlists and iTune songlists, but doing the latter only after making note of their Windows Explorer locations (which in my case have random funky names from the reverse-engineered restoration of them) and then re-adding them to the iTunes library.  They then appeared in full font and synced just fine.

Because I ain't afraid of no ghosts;)


Having conquered Apple, I turned my sights on Amazon. Over the holiday weekend, I finished a Fathers Day gift of a thoroughly wonderful Swedish novel that Eleanor is now reading-

- and then turned to a backlog of Kindles I'd downloaded in recent weeks.  First up was one I think I was offered for all of a buck off of some you may like rec list.  I finished it tonight, and will review it in time, but I encountered something in its text that no Kindle had ever done for me before:

moar grayed text.  Well, gray underlining, anyway:

See it? It's subtle, but it was distracting to not know what it was.  My first two attempts to tap it out produced (1) dictionary definitions and (2) offers to have Audible read the line to me for just $2.99.  (No thanks.)  But I eventually produced this result hovering over the same text (and the Aldous here is not Huxley or Leekie;)

And what, pray, is that, Oh Great God Bezeus?

Amazon displays Popular Highlights by combining the highlights of all Kindle customers and identifying the passages with the most highlights.

Or, if you want a somewhat less biased opinion:

Looking for a good book to read this summer? If you want one that won't bore you halfway through, mathematics professor Jordan Ellenberg has an interesting tip: look at the Kindle highlights.

His theory: if the most popular highlights occur in the first half of the book, it might mean that people aren't reading it all the way through:

How can we find today's greatest non-reads? Amazon's "Popular Highlights" feature provides one quick and dirty measure. Every book's Kindle page lists the five passages most highlighted by readers. If every reader is getting to the end, those highlights could be scattered throughout the length of the book. If nobody has made it past the introduction, the popular highlights will be clustered at the beginning.

Thus, the Hawking Index (HI): Take the page numbers of a book's five top highlights, average them, and divide by the number of pages in the whole book. The higher the number, the more of the book we're guessing most people are likely to have read. (Disclaimer: This is not remotely scientific and is for entertainment purposes only!)

So please, no wagering!

At least one other site mentioned the potential privacy risks inherent in this; your Kindle won't display who those other highlighting reviewers are, but I'd bet that Jeff's Kindle does. And Julian Assange's. And the NSA's.

Sorry, not linking to that last one. I looked it up on my phone, and I refuse to juggle three devices at once. Especially after they shut the damn drive-through after me.

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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: July 6th, 2016 09:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
for some reason kindle thinks we might want to know that other people have highlighted stuff in the book.

i dont.

i do make highlights in the books i read, and i doubt other people will find the things i highlight to be relevant to them.

glad you were able to fix your ghost music problem!
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