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Celia'ing the Deal. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Celia'ing the Deal.

Our refi closed this afternoon. How it closed was completely unexpected.

Eleanor had to be at work by 12:30.  I was nervous and called the branch manager at least four times during the morning to see if we'd been cleared (our regular loan officer was off today).  Concurrent with those calls, I was getting messages from the friends who were heading back stateside after a weekend in Toronto; they wound up driving past my office round noon and at least got to stop and visit with me for a few minutes:

Moments after they left, and after Eleanor left for work, the call finally came: everything was ready to sign. I ran over to the store and we worked out that I'd pick her up at 3 to take her to the bank (eight doors down from her store) and back again.

That hour came, and her boss let her out early for the afternoon; said boss, in her mid-20s, already owns her own home and knows all too well how these closings can go.  We got to the branch and instead of meeting with our officer or the branch manager, the closing was handled by another bank employee, Richard. I don't recall ever meeting him, but we bonded quickly enough.

Between reviewing our loan papers and seeing Eleanor in her store uniform, he asked which Wegmans she worked at.  We told him. He then told us of his own connection to the W-Brand: his sister Celia, who worked at their store a mile or so east of Eleanor's, died very unexpectedly in 2014.

We knew.

Celia's death resulted in both grief and love beyond the grounds of her Transit Road store.  Eleanor was one of the other-store employees who volunteered to work at Transit on the day of Celia's funeral so that all of her co-workers could attend. Her obituary remains as a tribute to her dedication to the store, her fellow employees and their customers:

Celia A. Parwulski, a familiar face to service desk customers at various Wegmans stores for the past quarter- century, died unexpectedly Tuesday in her Clarence Center home. She was 52.

Born Celia Greco in Buffalo, she grew up in Snyder and graduated from Amherst High School in 1980. For several years, she worked in training and special projects for Western Savings Bank and its successors before joining Wegmans as a customer service manager in 1989.

Mrs. Parwulski last worked at Wegmans’ Transit Road store in Amherst and became widely known for coordinating scores of requests for donations and services in the community each year. Her husband, Keith, said she was often recognized by the company and shoppers alike for her passion for customer service.

“Wegmans has always had some pretty high standards,” he said. “Then there was the ‘Celia standard.’ That was even higher. She lived it and breathed it.”

Mrs. Parwulski was honored by Wegmans at a ceremony honoring its 25-year employees last Friday, just four days before her death.

They've since renovated that store, and it prominently honors her history and memory there.

So yeah. Her brother wound up giving us that kind of customer service in finalizing this deal.

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stress_kitten From: stress_kitten Date: July 12th, 2016 01:36 am (UTC) (Link)
Yay for successful re-finance!

You'd think, with all the variables at play that are beyond the consumer's control, banks would have a little more flexibility for paperwork built into their agreements.

But you are successfully re-financed and you saw friends, so it sounds like a good day. :-)
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