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Well. THAT'll wake ya right up. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Well. THAT'll wake ya right up.
The morning routine here varies within an hour or so, but it begins either when the dog needs to go out or the cats become beyond annoying. The over-under's somewhere between 4:30 and 5 a.m.  I let Ebony out and back in; if it's closer to 4:30, I have a minor chance of getting back to sleep for an hour, but usually I just stay up, read on the tablet, and right before or during the Official Feeding Time (round 0545), I'll usually get out of bed to feed them, turn this computer on and check personal email and things like direct deposits.

So it went this morning, except Twobor didn't come up out of sleep mode.  This computer does that at least once a week. Some thing in either Windows 10 or Toshiba will occasionally run in the dead of night, and when I power it back up it just sticks.  Usually a hard reset does the trick- and today it did as well....

but a much meaner trick.

It logged me in normally, but then my desktop was gone. It was the default plain-Jane 10 background-

- it had the Cortana "ask me anything" prompt I'd turned off months ago, my icons were rearranged and some were missing.

As were my files.  All of them. Outlook and billing wanted to install themselves cleanly.  I'd seen this before on a prior 8 machine (the Tobor that was later replaced by Twobor)- it's the result of a "recovery" attempt- only it didn't wipe data files.

Somehow, I suspected this hadn't, either- it had merely renamed my Users folders.  My bigger worry was what would happen if I was wrong; since installing all of my proggies on this computer a few months ago (when the backup had some issues which, of course, it is also having at this moment), I got out of the habit of backing up everything onto that laptop. Or anywhere else.  My last files showed a date of April 11- and my email might be completely unrecoverable.

Except they're not.

I did a system restore to the last restore point about a week ago. That got me bluescreens and failed Toshiba diagnostics.  Panic began to set in, but I pressed on to the prior one, sometime in late June.  THAT one took, which is why I can post this through Semagic now. After backing up the shite out of every data, client and email file on here.  It all SEEMS back to normal- or for whatever passes for normal around here.

This also seems to be the time for me to learn how to automatically sync to the cloud. Only problem is, Microsoft just announced that they're cutting back free OneDrive storage from 15 gigs to 5.  I'm over, but only because of storing music up there, but I can move those files to Google Drive that's still at 15 free gigs.

God help us, though, when everybody starts uploading the Pokemons they've captured.
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glenmarshall From: glenmarshall Date: July 14th, 2016 02:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
I solved my cloud storage limit issue. My MS Office 365 license gives me 1TB. Also decent up-to-date software.
ellettra From: ellettra Date: July 15th, 2016 07:13 am (UTC) (Link)
I use Dropbox - I think you get 1T for $10 per month. That's not enough space for me either, so I just keep the most crucial stuff there, and have 2 1T external drives. I'm looking into Carbonite - one of my tech buddies suggested it as a smart clean fast reliable product, and I like all those words. Plus it's automatic. The prob with DB and the external drives is that I too fall out of the habit of backing up.
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