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Yes, I'm twelve. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Yes, I'm twelve.
Decent morning- solved (I think) a significant problem for Emily; possibly picked up two new pieces of business for decent clients; and made progress on some other stuff.

Crappy afternoon- in the last twoish hours of the workday, got an "inquiry letter" on one case that will eat my brain for the next week or two; received a bill (I think) from a client who paid me $3000 to do $4700 worth of work, stopped cooperating and even contacting me and now apparently wants his money back (look! a flying pig!); cracked the glass on my tablet shortly after getting home and now cannot get the touchscreen to work; and have to wait until tomorrow to work out several pieces of moving around the refi money which is now, officially, ours.

But never mind any of that.  Here are my juvenile moments from the past few days.

First, this one. Copies of this ugly mug started showing up a few days ago. This school actually renamed itself TO "University of North Texas" from something more teachery-collegey, but clearly they didn't think out the implications on putting it on a vessel with an actual handle:

The item, reportedly, is no longer for sale;)


Next, an actual text I got at the end of the workday yesterday. I'm told it meant to say that the client had "a tenant stiff me." Siri and/or autocorrect took it from there:


Then, just now.  It's been known for much of the week that His Drumpfiness planned to pair with Indiana's wackadoodle governor, Mike Pence, as his VP choice. The jokes about Trumpence and TP began almost immediately, but leave it to these two to take it visually to yet another (lower) level. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2016 Republican Presidential logo:

We always knew this ticket was out to screw America.  I just didn't expect that they'd be so graphic about it.

ETA. Annnnd the logo is dead. Completely scrubbed from official GOP sites. America has always been great again. We have always been at war with EurEastasia.
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angledge From: angledge Date: July 18th, 2016 07:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
That logo is immortal. Scrub all you like, GOP.
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