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Death by slow torture. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Death by slow torture.
One of our favourite videos from the years of Emily's animation screenings, other than hers of course, was this one, which might or might not embed:

Eleanor runs into that lady's last-scene appearance at the register just about every week. I'm a little luckier, but I tend to get behind one at the worst possible times. Today, for instance.

I had an alarm go off today just past seven. I did my workout an hour early so I could go do the Bank Thing bright and early- for our funds were finally funded!

New Bank handed me enough cash to cover the online payments due yesterday that I made last night before the cutoff, and gave me a check for the remainder of what I need to pay off during the coming week.  I'd also hoped to get an explanation of why the payoffs they sent appeared to be $500 or so higher than what I had given them- the figure wasn't itemized- but I couldn't get a straight answer from them.  So I just headed over to Yet Another Bank (not the one involved in the refi or the credit card hack) to deposit the funds....

and wound up behind the soulmate of the old lady in the video.

He was slow. He was plodding. He was monopolizing the only teller- who I adore, and who I know from recent conversations to have been having a bad time of things in her life. Broken key in the door, flat tire, shittiness from the ex, you name it. And now him- needing his hand held to cash a single check. Meanwhile, I was getting so verklempt listening to it, I wound up dropping my stash of Benjamins all over the floor of the branch.

No Pokemons in there, but fortunately I caught them all.  Finally, Mary said "thank you," but he continued to prattle on about things she couldn't help him with. And that's when I heard enough of the voice to realize:

I know the guy from church.  As in Grumpy Old Man in Full Business Suit Even in Midsummer guy, who's been a member since the sanctuary was consecreated in 1846 and who donates too much money for anybody to tell him to shut up.

I got my more complex transaction done in half the time, Mary and I sharing more than one eyeroll, and I headed out to find him still there.

So, Ray, haven't seen you in church!

No, and you're not going to as long as guys like you are dictating what we do and how we express what we believe.

(I didn't say it. But I meant it.)


Speaking of Benjamins, or more particularly the one named Braddock:

We Netflixed The Graduate last night. We'd never seen it together, and I probably never saw it full-through except on over-the-air television, thus likely with some of the racy stuff cut out.  I did have one of the odder takes on some early parts of the film, though.  First, in the scenes at the start of Mrs. R's seduction; she's at their delightfully tacky 60s in-home bar, with the cleverly-labeled "BAR" sign on it.  Check the booze dispensers on Anne Bancroft's right, though:

You see them again, in action, when Mr. Robinson commits graduatus interruptus moments later and takes Benjamin back downstairs for a little talk:

Is it just me, or is this scene the inspiration for Darth Vader's getup? Remember- we know that Lucas named R2-D2 after a cannister of film from American Graffiti that was in a room with him! 

Need more?  Advance a couple of minutes to this clip- the bizarre Scuba scene:

At about 20 seconds in, the outside dialog cuts out and all you hear is the raspiness of the breathing apparatus.

Well. We KNOW he's Luke's father. Now I'm starting to wonder if Mrs. Robinson, rather than Padme, might be his mother.
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mac_arthur_park From: mac_arthur_park Date: July 17th, 2016 07:39 am (UTC) (Link)
OMG, that video!

Last week, we had a group of about ten little old ladies in (we're right across the street from Morehead Planetarium, and are a VERY popular lunch spot for tour groups).

I swear, every last one of them paid like that. I had SO DAMN MUCH change in my register.

The guys in the kitchen loved it though. It's rare to get a ten top comprised almost entirely of the same damn order. LOL It was all BLTs and potato salad as far as the eye could see! Aside from the two ladies who got French dips with fruit cups. And they were getting ragged on for being high maintenance and "fancy." It was flipping hilarious.
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