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Water Water Nowhere.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Water Water Nowhere....
We had a nice dinner out last night, at our favorite sit-down pizza-and-specialty place near us.  Both our server and the manager came over to apologize because one of our entrees got dropped in the back and had to be remade.  We were fine on time, and enjoying appetizers and conversation, but they graciously comped a bottle of wine for us- all of the price of which got plowed back into the server's tip (who we usually try to be especially generous to on occasions when we go out).

That would be about the last thing we would have to drink, though:P  Eleanor noticed, when we got home, that our water pressure was way down.  Just before that, I'd noticed a friend posting from one town over having the same problem. Then more to the east. And south. The water authority website was down, but clearly this was bad.

By this morning, the pressure was back up, but the bad was continuing: Erie County officials had tracked it to a break in a large main maybe three miles from our house, which on failure drained two of the biggest holding tanks in the whole system, including the local landmark known to all simply as the Big Blue Water Tower-

Worse, the loss of pressure required the county to issue a boil-water advisory which, for now at least, isn't scheduled to be lifted until the weekend.  But the true horror came after waking, showering, downing my geezer meds with bottled H2O, heading for breakfast at Timmy's, and finding....NO COFFEE.

Ice Capps were on offer, but they don't brew the stuff to boiling, so I had to come all the way to Rochester before reaching full sentience.  Fortunately, I finished my one appearance here quickly, made progress on a few things in the other office, and will be heading to meet up with Emily soon.

Hopefully we've had all the bad breaks for the day we're due to get.
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sturgeonslawyer From: sturgeonslawyer Date: July 22nd, 2016 03:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
Eeep. Never say that last sentence. It's tempting the Moirae.
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