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Home Dim-provement. Then on the road, even dimmer:P - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Home Dim-provement. Then on the road, even dimmer:P

Ima gonna post this first part just like I Faced it yesterday:

Good God, I'm an idiot.

We have a double laundry tub downstairs. After two big loads this morning, both were pretty full. Sometimes I can plunge it, other times it takes a Drano bombing.

This time, I planned on the first. I put the drain plug in the right-side tub and came up to get the plunger. Then I saw a shiny and completely forgot. I went back down, saw the tubs were still full- especially the one on the right- and dropped the Drano bomb, and then another. An hour later, the left was clear but the right hadn't budged. FINALLY, I realized my stupid, stuck a (rubber-gloved) paw down there and removed the plug.

It's better now. The drain, that is. The brain, not so much.


After (and despite) that, we had a nice afternoon. Eleanor watched, or at least listened to, almost all of the Mets game with me.  Then I got to see reports from many friends who made the trek from downstate to Cooperstown to see only the second player ever to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame wearing our cap.

Overnight, finally, it rained for more than the usual three minutes. I'd had pretty bad insomnia round the time the dog went out before the storm- nothing bad, just a case of the Mondays- and I was rather slow-going when I finally woke for good around 8.  I didn't make more than the one leftover cup of coffee before it was time for Eleanor to go to work, but not long after she left, she called and asked if I'd microwave it and bring it over:

The store's power had gone out.  Seemed odd once I got there, since everything else back here and along Sheridan looked fine.  Turns out it was a direct lightning hit on the mechanical box on the roof.  It took well over an hour to get it back.

I then came home and worked some more on a project I have to submit tomorrow.  When it was time to leave, I noticed way more than the usual number of cars going past our house. Some of them more than once.  Sure enough, a trip out to the main road confirmed it: they'd reduced Sheridan to one lane westbound and it must've gotten backed up enough for people to start detouring through this subdivision. You can get theyah from heah, but not the way you'd instinctively think, and we live on one of three streets making a circle, so we get to see this kind of parade at least a few times a year.

Got my project finished, walked the dog, found two more Pokemons back here, and now everybody eats- animals first.  Hopefully I won't forget to take the lid off the cat food can.

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