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Wheeeee, here we go! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Wheeeee, here we go!
As far as my office here is concerned, I'm mostly on vacation this week.  Here's how that's gonna go:

At least tomorrow morning, I will be out of Buffalo at earlier-than-ass o'clock to drive out to the kids' place, and take Emily to work at our office near Rochester. This was a solution to her hours-being-cut problem; she's getting a week of paid vacay from her regular job, and will work for us for the week to fill in between an intern leaving and a maternity-leaver returning. But I'll have a 50 percent longer commute every day I go there.

Tuesday, I have court here at 9 and a client right after. Emily's going to work out getting in on her own. I will take her home, or pick up Cameron as needed, and then it's back to Rochester for a Tuesday night ballgame. I haven't seen the Red Wings at home in years, and will be meeting friends on a special night: the team's organist is being honored for 40 years of service to the team, in two different stadiums, where he has never missed a game.  They first announced he'd be commemorated with a poster. To which I, and no doubt many others, said, WTF?  No, Fred needs a bobblehead, and he's getting one:)

I'm meeting friends and their friends for the event (kids won't be there), and will then either head back home or over to their place to get Em in on Wednesday.

Then something resembling a vacation for real, starting Thursday afternoon. Court here Thursday morning, then it's a straight shot to Da Bronnix. For the first time in my life, I am going to set foot into the enemiest of enemy territories and see the Mets play the Yuckees in their fabulously Drumpfy ballpark.  Ah, to set foot where Babe Ruth once took a leak on the way to his car (the new stadium's next to where he played). To look in awe at the rafters and their 1,781 different retired numbers. And to get in the company of Met fans as soon as possible before the Bleacher Creatures take a leak on me.

I'll find a place on Long Island for the night, and spend Friday with as yet uncertain plans.  There are some museumy things there or in the city, but the real plan is to stay Friday night for my only chance I could find any time soon to see Jen Chapin.  As in Harry's daughter.  If I have time before getting out of upstate, I will try one more time to find the obituary I wrote for her father and let her know how meaningful his music has always been to me and how I'm looking forward to learning hers.

Saturday's to return, Sunday's to recover, then back at it a week from tomorrow.  If you're in any of these paths, be sure to holler.
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