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Arright, arright arready! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Arright, arright arready!
Two nights removed from my third ballpark visit in nine nights, and I'm finally getting round to the recap.  First, though, some notes from today on the road in Rochester:

I had to pick up a document from a lawyer in Irondequoit- once famously named on the expressway passing through it as "Home of Irondequoit Mall."  That sign came down as an illegal roadside billboard, and the mall itself has gone completely dead in the years since; its redeveloper, promised tax breaks up the wazoo, failed to meet its targets, and the rebranding of the mall as the "Medley Centre" finally died at a  recent tax foreclosure auction.  The big signs came down earlier this year-


- but the street signs leading into the dead-mall access road are still there on East Ridge Road, across the street from the lawyer's office. In the same strip mall as his office is this place, recently opened to provide the finest in Asian cuisine:

This was a Pizza Hut, now it's bondage-domination.....

I held my tongue and headed back to my local office, but there, on a similar road to my Tuesday encounter, was my second turkey of the week. This one was just stopped in the middle of Five Mile Line Road; I honked, to say, it's too soon for Thanksgiving!, and Tom got out of my way. But really- I don't know what kind of omen it is, seeing two of these in three days.


Anyway: back in time to Wednesday night.

Eleanor was chanting again, and I was determined to do something more meaningful than Sharknado, so I headed downtown myself for my third ballgame in just over a week, at the place I've been attending since the late 80s and have called home since 1994.  This was another bobblehead night- not of an organist, but a former player now up in Toronto:

I got there plenty early, but I'd had a ticket malfunction online: I picked my seat and paid, and chose the "print at home" option, but that printed not a ticket but a receipt.  I hoped the box office lines wouldn't be too bad when I got there, and they weren't, and despite me providing a rather rude fake email address to keep them from bombing me for the next 20 years, I had a ticket and a Sanchez in hand by almost an hour before first pitch.

Their video board runs rings around the Wings-

- and they maintained their tradition of using beer vendors to indoctrinate the younger generation, from the Earl of Bud to the current Conehead:

I love AAA stadia compared to their MLB parents: once past the entry turnstile, nobody, ever, checked either my Red Wing ticket last week or my Bison ducat the other night, so I sat with friends or where the action was, without any usher interference.

My food that night was poutine, followed by pizza logs (the bastard child of mozzarella sticks and egg rolls), both washed down by local craft beers (Frontier Field excels in  these, too).  The game was low-scoring and fast, the final out coming barely two hours after first pitch, in part thanks to the AAA use of a 20-second clock in between pitches.

Yes, the Bisons have at least one charging station-

-and yes, they retire numbers from my own lifetime, as well as Jackie Robinson's-

I've reviewed both games in an email to Rochester's GM, who is known for being responsive. I've yet to get that response, but I don't need to; both nights were lovely.


In the end, Buffalo won 1-0, after the Mets won 4-1 and the Red Wings won 6-3. I'd love to continue my lifelong-record winning streak if you want me to show up at your ballpark after tonight;)
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thanatos_kalos From: thanatos_kalos Date: August 13th, 2016 05:42 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm glad to see that Conehead's still around! :)
cafemusique From: cafemusique Date: August 16th, 2016 08:09 am (UTC) (Link)
It's been a while since I've been at a game, but my wife is not a big fan, and I am not comfortable in possibly crowded restrooms solo these days...and because these past couple of summers have seemed REALLY uncomfortably hot...but I have enjoyed both the AAA stadiums I have visited:

The Ottawa Lynx were my first introduction and really enjoyed them, and my now-local Norfolk Tides.

Like you, I think the only time I have ever had anybody ask about my ticket after the gate was on early visits when I may have been looking bewildered, trying to find my section, and it was solely in a "let us help you find your seat" manner, because I/we looked lost.
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