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Getting it Wrong. Repeatedly. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Getting it Wrong. Repeatedly.
I told an inspirational story here, and on Facebook, the other day. It was about how an act of post-Halloween vandalism turned into a garden full of punkins.

Shows you what I know; Eleanor re-examined the evidence earlier today and concluded that the gourd patch was, in fact, sprouting a massive inventory of spaghetti squashes.  Which are far more useful for eating, at least a few of which are already ripe, and at least one of which is on the menu tonight before we head off to the second-half local Shakespeare in Delaware Park production of Taming of the Shrew.

With pirates.

I arr-pologize for getting it wrong.


Ah, but that was merely not a factual statement.  In the past couple of hours, I again proved that I have the visual skills of a mentally challenged snail.

We've enjoyed the new bikes, but so much of my exercise experience is tied to statistics (or as they say in Indiana, sadistics). So I indulged the other day and picked up a tiny onboard computer thingy to track the miles I done rid, among dozens of other potential stats.  The CatEye brand (ewwww!) that they recommended came in both data-to-a-display and data-to-your-phone versions, but I went with a slightly cheaper and very French model.  I waited until today to install it, when work wouldn't be distracting.

Didn't matter.  There were two main pieces to be installed, both with zip ties (included, but just enough): the display to a handlebar, and the sensor to the frame adjoining the front spokes; then there's a magnet to secure to one of the spokes that will pass by the frame sensor.  I did the handlebar part first.  Everything that could go one of two ways went the wrong way: first, I installed the mounting bracket for the display upside-down, and didn't realize it until the zipties had been tightened.  Then, after Eleanor cut them off and  found me some replacements from her stash, I got it installed right-side-up, but had put the ties on backward so they didn't engage.  Plus I completely left out a "mounting pad" that helped secure the bracket, but once I untied and retied the not-fully-tied ties, it seems secure even without that.

That left the sensor, and a mishmash of tying, pliering and screwing (shut your dirty mind) those pieces into place on the front wheel. I had several hundred of the replacement zipties to cover my mistakes, so naturally I got THOSE right the first time, but once I got Alonzo* on the road (after programming- stay tuned), of course it wasn't registering anything. Fortunately, I didn't totally tie and tighten everything, and through trial and error got the monitor to start picking up the signal from the sensor.  I took just the most basic of rides- enough to now know that Ebony's basic round-the-block walkies comes out to around two-thirds of a mile.

Before the ride, though, the Programming of the VCR. Now THIS is in my wheelhouse (see what I did there?). Remember me mentioning I went with the slightly cheaper French brand?  That meant that all the defaults- km, kg, 24-hour time- were in Euro format and had to be forced back into miles and pounds and 12-hour increments. It's also all done through a dance of two buttons that control all the adjustments- but since these are numerical and not visual, I did fine with them.

So now I can track miles, and calories, and the price of tea in China after each excursion. Go me.


* Yes, he's been named. The brand of both our bikes is Electra. Mourning Becomes Electra is a play by Eugene O'Neill. And the most famous Mourning I know is this one:

Bet HE could've gotten the parts on without screwing up the zip ties:P

ETA. Oh, and the Bisons finally recorded their first rainout of the season at the same time.  They swept the resulting Sunday doubleheader, so they've got that going for them, which is nice (and a 300-game deficit in the standings, which isn't).
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