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Boss for Boss in 2020! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Boss for Boss in 2020!

It's now just over six months since Bruce Springsteen came to Western New York. Two nights ago, Western New York came to him.  At one of his homecoming shows in New Jersey, a family from near here got pit seats, and brought their three-year-old with the obligatory front-row sign.  Our paper interviewed Jeff, the girl's dad, and the article picks it up from there:

Early in the concert, guitarist "Little Steven" Van Zandt noticed Emily singing along and pointed her out to Springsteen, Jeff said.

“So Bruce came over during ‘Sherry Darling’ and held her hand and was singing right to her,” Jeff said. “A few songs later Bruce is out doing the song requests, and he notices Emily’s sign and takes it. But before he takes it, he leans over and says to me, ‘Can she really do this? Does she know the words?’ And I said, ‘Yes, but Bruce, she’s only 3!’

“So he leans over again and says, ‘Well, before it’s past her bedtime let’s do it. I’ll play that one after the next song, so have her ready.’ Sure enough, he starts singing and before the end of the song he pulls her up. I did not know what to expect.

"She was so relaxed and Bruce was amazing and held her hand through the whole thing. Right on cue, she nailed it. The place went wild. When she was done singing he whispered in her ear and he said, 'OK, yell "Hit it, E Street Band!" ' And she did. The place went nuts.”

Springsteen shook his head in amazement as he gave Emily back to her parents.

“Three years old! That’s a new record,” he said, presumably for youngest guest ever to join him on stage.

We saw that kind of kindness, and enthusiasm, and spontanaeity, from Bruce in his shows here.  Here's her forever moment:

It got me thinking, after these past few weeks of watching two major political candidates who hate each other, are hated by their opposing voters, and aren't much loved by many members of their own parties: Can't we do better?  Can't we find someone who won't be oppo-researched to death, dragged through the mud, and who has talent and personality and a body of work that bodes well for the highest office in the world?

I'm dead serious.  In my lifetime, we've elected at least two philanderers; we gave four more years to a war-mongering Good Ole Boy sworn in after the first philanderer was killed in office; then we voted for a crook (twice), then we were left with an appointed klutz who pardoned the crook- followed by a peanut farmer, a B-movie actor (twice), a spook, the second philanderer (twice), a village idiot (twice), and a community organizer (twice).  Who's to say a 40-year rock star, beloved by all and his music appropriated by both sides, couldn't do a better job?

Bruce advocates for kindness, for sharing with the needy, for taking care of our own.  He keeps his cabinet together and his longevity and stamina make four or eight years seem easy peasy.  And while he's never come out with the slightest hint of being interested, he has been known to joke about it, and we all know that every joke has a hint of truth inside it:

Tramps like us, Bruce. You KNOW you were born to run.
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