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Crossing the Streams Is Bad.... Except When It Isn't:) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Crossing the Streams Is Bad.... Except When It Isn't:)
I spent the biggest chunk of my workday on a single project, then left a little early so I could pick up my tablet to take to cardio.  Over the weekend, I asked for recommendations for a new bingewatch, and wound up settling on Stranger Things, best described as the bastard love child of E.T. and Fargo. I'd really enjoyed the pilot and was looking forward to moving on to Episode 2.

First, though, I resolved to end a Facebook annoyance.  I've always hated their "trending stories" section, which reduced major news items to superficial one- or two-line blips. As of about a week ago, it got even less blippy, reducing each segment to an automated hashtaggy three or four words, tops, followed by the estimated number of thousand or million members "talking about this." Sorry, Zuck, but I've never really cared what the cool kids are doing- and I vowed to get rid of it.

Firefox supposedly had a trender-killer add-on available called F.B. Purity. The F and the B stand for "Fluff Busting" ::wink wink nudge nudge::, and it comes recommended by CNET and several other sources.  Unfortunately, the Mozilla-approved version didn't do the trick with the current build of the browser, so I got it direct from the fbpurity.com website- which, once installed in the browser and with several clicks on the new menubar FBP key, has killed the thing:


(Yes, the Mets just won again. Deal.)

But how I really knew it was working was when I tried sharing the link to the download on my Timeline:

I'm sure the Wack-a-Mole game will continue, but for now I feel accomplished.


Once I got to the gym, I was bummed, because my tablet would not turn on. It had a decent charge this morning, but there was nothing I could do, so I went to see what I could watch on my dumb lil phone. Alas, Stranger Things is a Netflix exclusive, and I didn't want to bother installing that on such a small screen. I started scrolling through the Amazon Video app to see what came with Prime. Several people had recommended a bit of silliness called Bob's Burgers, and I found it, but apparently Prime is only Prime-ish; even old shows have to be bought or rented in order to watch through the Amazon app.

So back to the menu of what did come with Prime membership, and I settled on last summer's pilot of Mr. Robot. Very well written and acted, with just enough paranoia to get you through an hour.  All I'd really heard about it before watching was that one of the writer-producers graduated from Buff State. Yet it's totally a Noo Yawk/Brooklyn kinda show, with plenty of natural darkness and artificial glitz to go around.

Between these two shows, now, I should be set for months.


When I got home, of course, the damn tablet fired right up: the battery was well over 60 percent- and now I think I've figured out why I couldn't get it to turn on.  This ASUS-made and Android-based gizmo is the second incarnation of the model, the first having shit the bed a  month or so ago.  When I got it, all the Google apps on it were "unfortunately.... need[ing] to close" 20 times a minute.  It took yet another hard reset to factory settings, and that problem mostly went away, but so did all of my preferences. Including my preference against apps auto-updating themselves. When this particular model starts updating, it basically shuts itself down so it can meditate upon the new content to its CPU-heart's content.  I found the settings to kill THAT (hidden in Google Play, which I never would've guessed) and now we'll see if it's done taking afternoon naps on me.
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