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"Room" for Improvement. And plenty of it. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"Room" for Improvement. And plenty of it.
Plans were made. They wound up being unmade.

I found out the other night that the MST3K-iest motion picture of this century would be playing tonight in the City of Buffalo's only remaining full-time cinema.  Perhaps you've heard of it- if you lived in SoCal, there was a billboard up for it for years, which pretty much constituted the film's entire publicity campaign:


It's become legendary for its badness, inspiring midnight-movie circuit showings and Rocky Horror-style dressups and props (plastic spoons and footballs being the main ones).  The budget was ridiculous, its box office was bad, its reviews worse, and only the bad-is-good reputation has made it a cult thing.

And it was here, tonight, at the North Park. With a craft-beer-stocked bar for One Night Only.  The perfect boy's night out, only it wasn't:(

Eleanor missed chanting two nights ago- we'd planned to see a free sneak preview Monday night of a much better film called The Light Between Oceans, but she wound up in too much pain to do either after working all day- but she did go tonight, and it seemed a better choice than, oh, watching a Sharknado rerun again.

In the end, though, I passed. Even though I thought I got a decent night's sleep, I awoke to a nightmare in full Technicolor when the alarm went off; my day in Rochester was 95 percent total waste; I was hot and sweaty all day despite the temperature finally dropping out of the 80F range for the first time in weeks; and I wanted to be home when Eleanor got home.  So,  no View of The Room this time.

Instead, I caught up on all but about the final minute of this week's Braindead, thanks to the DVR cutting off too soon.  And my other binges now await.  Or I could just throw a football around, I suppose;)


The other weird news of the day was that apparently the Colonel got hacked; the Chicago Tribune has reportedly discovered a handwritten note, hidden among mementos of the Sanders family, containing the exact identities and measurements of the famously secret Eleven Herbs and Spices of the KFC Original Recipe. As a public service, I am duplicating it here:


Nine of them are easy. Good luck with the other two;)
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