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The Simpler Things - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The Simpler Things
Another early wakeup on the weekend, again beating the alarm, again out in time for an 8 a.m. commitment. This time, it was back to the dog park.  Ebony did great- off leash the whole time inside the gate, never bolted or got unruly with (or by) any of the many other dogs.  The first time, we saw a cat on a leash outside the entrance; this time, there was an unleashed dinosaur inside:


Once again, Ebony refused to go anywhere near the water, but the sun had no such objections:


And here's the parade of friends ahead of me (only Ursula, Ann's Alaskan husky, was out of shot):


Jazz, she in front of Ebony and behind the other humans, couldn't make the second lap, so Ann and Ursula kept us company for the last half of the visit. When we left, we met this guy coming in- all 208 pounds of him:

I had enough time after bringing Ebony home to return to any number of faith journeys of my own today, but for this morning, nature was nurture enough.


Then, homo sapiens life returned this afternoon, with more than a few annoyances.

I went online to pay a credit card bill, on a site that throws in your credit score activity as a free service.  I was flummoxed to find that mine had dropped ridiculously- more than 100 points. It's still in the "good" range, but it had been stupid high for most of the year.  I clicked around a bit and discovered the likely reason:  the new mortgage.  Not because it's more than the old one (which it is, but not by THAT much), but because the algorithm considers the whole thing to be "revolving credit" (which it also, technically, is until and unless we "lock it" into a fixed 15-year payback). Because we got rid of mortgage insurance, our monthly principal and interest payment is virtually the same as what it had been before with the mortgage insurance being paid for every month, but the algorithm doesn't understand this.  The irony is that it was likely the stupid-high credit score that qualified us for this loan as quickly and easily as we were able to get it.  It shouldn't have any major effect on borrowing in the future, especially since we're not fixing to borrow anything major anytime soon, but it just came as a surprise.

Also, for the second time this weekend, my tire pressure idiot light went off again.  Yesterday, I checked all four tires, including the one which had gotten screwed and patched, and none of the four was showing a low reading. One was slightly above recommended pressure, so I bled a little air out, and the light cleared on the way to the kids' place. This morning, though, it was back and has stayed on- although, again, I can't see any visible sign of any of them being underinflated.

But those are First World Problems.  Ebony didn't even seem to mind a four-hour delay getting fed last night.  I think they've got it right:)
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