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Universal Laws - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Universal Laws
* Of conservation of weeks and weekends:  It always happens. Get a three-day weekend to enjoy, it's followed by a four-day workweek that crams six days worth of shit into it.  Every one of the four this week has had, or will have, at least one commitment across multiple places.  Yesterday was an out-before-seven/home-after-five deal with three hours of drudge in Rochester in between.  At least I got to see something cool on the way home:


That's on a piling holding up an overpass of one eastside interstate over another; the term derives from when the intersection was entirely at ground level and can be seen or at least explained here.

* Of thermodynamics. This morning was the first of two straight with hearings in downtown Buffalo.  Today was when the return of heat and humidity really got to me; it broke 90F on the car thermometer several times during the afternoon, and the official high was somewhere upper 80s. No real relief is expected for another week.  I ended the day with an annoyance and some intentional pain. Annoyance first:  I had to pick up some documents for one of two court hearings I have in Buffalo tomorrow morning. They called from Cheektowaga Court and said they'd be there until 4. I hit every traffic light there was to hit on Union Road, including one with a school crossing guard. She yelled at me because I was too close to the crosswalk. Her charge was not a kindergartener, or a little old lady with a cane, but a dude carrying a six pack of Budweiser across the street.   Then I got yelled at by the court clerk because I got there only five minutes before closing. Oh, and they already had my copies ready for me, so it's not that I made them stay late or anything, and I was back on Union, dodging beer drinkers, by 4.

* Of bodies in motion tending to remain in motion. Begrudgingly. But I also know nice people in Cheektowaga. One is a friend, and son of an even older friend, who does personal training.  He was starting a new hourlong bootcamp near me, and I tried it out along with his mom and another client.  He does great work and even though my hamstrings are cursing his very birth, I will probably work one of these in along with the Orangetheory and cardio I've been doing.

* Of equilibrium. Tomorrow, the two aforementioned gigs downtown; then Friday, it's back to Rochester.  The weekend will only be two days this time, but damn if they aren't going to be more restful.
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