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Two words you'd never expect to hear me say: - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Two words you'd never expect to hear me say:
"Retail therapy."

I am not one to shop till I drop. I'd rather be dropped, from a high altitude, into a burning building rather than check out the latest fashions (or, more Eleanor's thing, the rack of socket wrenches down at Lowe's;).  Back when there were malls everywhere, the only places I could stand to be standing in one were their book and record shops- which of course have been among the biggest casualties of the Amazoning of America.

Fortunately, there are pockets of exceptions.  Some have died at the local level- Record Theater is down to two Buffalo locations from its multi-region peak of 21, while other favorites like Home of the Hits got hit with the realities of the post-Napster era. Yet one goofball owner's dream house of vinyl and other madness still lives on, on the eastern fringe of Rochester's city limits:

I can still hear the jingle, 30 years after I first walked into its former barn of a building near the U of R: The Record Archive is the place to go!

And for me, today, it was:)


My Rochester agenda for the day had five items on it: personal thing, two client meetings, document exchange with another lawyer, court appearance, client meeting-slash-proceeding.  Only the first and third wound up happening as planned, only one of the two early client meetings went off, and  the fourth never happened at all.

The personal thing was my first dental cleaning in almost a year. I refused to set a followup appointment last time because my longtime hygienist had been replaced by Frau Blucher!, who hurt me almost as much as she annoyed me.  Ultimately, I outlasted her, and I had a much better experience with her replacement, who'd actually started her career in this office long ago. (I must not have met her at the time; my teeth would've likely scared her right out of the profession;)  The good news is, my peridontal outlook is much improved; the bad news is, one of my many multi-patched lowers is about to give up the ghost and will have to be crowned later this month.

The dentist wound up being the highlight of my day, which is never a good sign.  The document exchange wound up taking place in an office soon to be featured in an episode of Hoarders, and the final client thing got disrupted by a last-minute bankruptcy filing by the opposing party So by the time I got out of the office, I was rather grumpy, in part because I'm going to have to turn around and head right back there tomorrow for that one client meeting to occur and possibly for a significant piece of business to develop.  So as I started to head home on 490, I saw Richard Storm's yellow prefab house of vinyl and tacky gifts, and decided to treat myself.

One album I hoped they'd have, and they did: I heard this artist on my favorite late-morning radio show last week, right before the night of its official release party at the city's art cinema, The Little.  Sadly, that likely would have been my last chance to see her perform live, since Heather Taylor is leaving town next month to help Keep Asheville Weird.  She also leaves her side jobs as frontwoman for local band the Crawdiddies and as a licensed massage therapist in Brighton (as close to Asheville as you're gonna get this side of Ithaca).  But I'd heard enough of the record during her live studio gig to bring it home.  This is the Youtube of the final track; it says the animation is by someone named Jon Lewis:

The second in my cart was a 2011 release by a guy I've also heard on WRUR. His name's Chris Trapper, and while he calls Boston home these days, he was born in Buffalo and also did quite a bit of work with Great Big Sea ("Sea of No Cares," the title song on the album in the icon? That's his:) The first song from this one, with Rob Thomas adding the backing, is called "Here All Along," but my favourite was this one with former Man At Work Colin Hay harmonizing; it's called "The More I Think," and it's more relevant than ever given the political realities of 2016:

Just what I needed after a long day. Enjoy:)
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