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Gittin an Ed-u-Kay-Shun - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Gittin an Ed-u-Kay-Shun
More than half of my biennial continuing legal education went into the can today.  How it did, as usual, is the story.

A reminder, for those new(er) to these dispatches: state regs require that lawyers accumulate 24 credit hours of continuing ed credits in the 23 months before and the 1 month after their biennial birthday.  The easiest way to rack up these credits is to lecture to other lawyers, since you get triple credit for every 50-minute-hour you're "on the clock" speaking, plus credit for every hour you're sitting there in various stages of sentience while the other presenters are presenting.  I'm street-legal as of the end of 2015, and had racked up 2.5 of my 24 credits for 2016-17 before today, leaving me until December of 2017 to rack up 21.5 more hours, at least 4 of which have to be ethics-related. After today, that remaining obligation is down to 8.5 hours, with 3 ethics hours still remaining. My "compensation" for presenting today was a free pass to any of their live or online seminars in the coming year, which will likely account for 7 of those total hours and one of the three remaining ethics hours.  That leaves an easy peasy noontime gig from any number of providers to fill my remaining 1.5 total hours and 2.0 ethics hours, anytime in the next 14 months.  Unless I flake out like I did two years ago and lose track; good thing I'm making note of it here, huh;)

Monday, I got my class list for today's program, along with an invitation to bring a free guest.  That usually means one thing: the room was far from full.  Three of us were scheduled to speak to a classroom consisting of six students. This likely was the result of happenstance: the Bills had a Thursday night home opener last night, so getting people to sign up for an all-day seminar the next day was tricky to say the least. Such a small turnout, in turn, usually means DEATH to the atmosphere of the lecture room, unless you can convince a friend or paralegal or SOMEONE to show up to pad the attendance. I tried; I had a friend in need of the CLE's who took me up on the free offer, but work intervened and couldn't attend, so the ultimate audience was only those six. And, this provider has a strict THE SHOW MUST GO ON policy, which would've required all three of us to all do our schticks even if there'd been one paying customer in the room.


For me, at least, this came at a bad time. I had court or client appointments scheduled every previous day this week, the last two straight requiring a morning drive to Rochester, with yesterday's drive home going much later than expected. That was because we still somehow have an NFL team venued here, and traffic to the Bills home opener was brutal last night (I  bailed off the 90 before it got bad but still was delayed getting home due to taking back roads), and it was almost as brutal this morning on my way to the downtown seminar.

I could not find any public parking, on or offstreet, before I was within minutes of the start time, so I pulled into the hotel's paid lot 10 minutes before 9, only to find their ticket machine was gorked.  "We'll settle up on the way out," the dude said. So I got into the lecture room minutes before the first speaker started. Who was speaking to me, the third presenter, and the Original Six who'd signed up.

Yet somehow,.... it went fine.  One of the six was a bit of an eyeroller, but the others were interested, participatory and thanked us for our input in and in between the actual presentations. I was the second one up, and I had to start by making fun of an evaluation I got the last time I did one of these.  Overall, my grades for doing these things are good (they keep bringing me back, yo;), but one cranky millennial got on my case last time about me kicking it old-school by lecturing in, OMG, lecture format. "He didn't even use PowerPoint!," cried the criticism.


I think I PowerPointed one of my CLE lectures once, and it went about as well as any other I've been subjected to as a student: the presenter justs reads the slides, or the projector fails, or SOMETHING goes wrong. So I'd hoped to get there early enough to do a fake PP set to mock the concept, but didn't, because, traffic. The first PRO slide would've been this:

While the second, had I had wifi at the start (didn't get THAT code until almost lunch), would've been this:

Nobody complained out loud after that.

I wound up taking one of my fellow presenters to lunch; he thought the seminar covered the tab,  and he had three bucks in his wallet. I paid the tab and enhanced the tip, but karma was repaid: when it was all done and I left the garage, the attendant no-charged my all-day parking job.

We supposedly had famous neighbors in the adjacent ballroom-

-but none of the six attendees or we three presenters saw any Bills legends we recognized.  We're guessing they were assaulted by Jets alumni in the parking garage and never got into the building proper;)

I got to cardio for the first time in three nights, watched the beginning of the last Mr. Robot I hadn't streamed, and got home at a decent hour for animal-feeding, a nice dinner, and finishing a Netflix.  Tomorrow promises to be rainy and alarmless- the latter, at least, I could use right about now:)
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