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A Fungi to Be With - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A Fungi to Be With
The weather around here has continued to be way more tropical than I'd have expected.  A few cold fronts have moved through and given us a day or two of relief, but this weekend has been back to high humidity, the coming days promise to be significantly above normal, and a butt-ton of rain on Friday and Saturday did little to cool things down.

Apparently, though, it has done something to encourage propagation of organic fungi.  I took Ebony on our usual Sunday Bark Park outing first thing this morning, and my friend Ann captured this shot of one of the tree-based forms (that's a bigass tree, if you can't tell):

Then, after I brought the dog home, attended a newer-to-me church experience of my own while Eleanor was doing Buddhist things, and ultimately mowed our front (and more than half our back) lawn while listening to the Mets win, I found plenty of mush all on and around our own yards, including this clump:

No idea if anything is poisonous, so I will need to keep an eye on the dog after she comes in from the back.


We finished the first and so-far only season of Stranger Things tonight. Very well done, with plenty of potential directions for the second season that apparently has begun production in the fake Hawkins Lab sets in Georgia.


Eleanor averted a disaster earlier.  She'd sent me out last night to secure some dinner rolls from the garage freezer, and apparently El Stupido Esposo didn't shut the freezer door, raising the temperature and almost overloading the freezer motor like one of us did last August.  She shut it before the temperature got above dangerous and the motor got beyond hope.  We now have a reminder sign out there, and I've checked out a simple alarm on Amazon that will beep its ass off if I manage to make the same error in the future.


Back to the grind tomorrow. Court on four of the five mornings, but all but one of them are (a) here and (b) relatively cut-and-dry.
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