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Orange is the New Dull:P - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Orange is the New Dull:P
I'm just getting to what a long and dreary day most of yesterday was.  Although I had four court appearances scheduled this week every day but today, I thought- and even said here over the weekend- that all but one of them were (a) local and (b) routine.  Yesterday was one of the local ones.  It was not by any means routine.

It was a goat rodeo almost before I got out of bed. I'd gotten a crap night of sleep, awakened twice by the dog, and had Wheels on the Brain going round and round that kept me awake until right before the alarm would've gone off anyway. That's when I saw that both Windows 10 laptops were still merrily cooking away after they'd magically turned themselves on in the night, updating their little hard drives away.  This, it turned out, was one of the Big Ones- the so-called  "anniversary update."  By the time this computer was finally done with it, several of my apps were hidden and feared gone (they weren't- I found their hiding places and got them back), a bunch of new ones including Skype were blinking on and off demanding my attention, and worst of all, the left side of my taskbar was now back to "Ask Me Anything."

I'd previously turned Cortana off- back when you could do that.  Now she was just chomping at the cyberbit for me to talk to her. Sorry, but I don't cheat on Siri.  I eventually found the Sekrit Registry Instructions to smite her again.  So it once again says "Search Windows" down there, my start menu is back to Classic Shell, and everything else seems to have survived.

Well, almost everything:P


Anyway, back to court. It should have been quick and easy, as it was the first civil case on the calendar and was unopposed.  Trouble was, the judge was doing a mostly criminal docket- all managed by one assistant DA and one public defender, who each had about 30 cases to dispose of.  Several of them were wearing prison garb and were brought in, shackled, from the bowels of the building. Several other free-on-bail criminals somehow found the color cool and wound up coming into court wearing bright orange tops, as well.

Finally, well into my second hour of waiting and only after the two civil-servant attorneys had run themselves hoarse, the judge called on lil' ol' me.  After a grilling over whether I'd served the papers at the right address, I finally got the relief sought, and headed back to my office- where another client had just come in to sign papers for that very same court.  Plus I had to write up the order for that morning. I was told someone else was bringing yet another thing down there, but I missed the handoff and wound up driving back down a second time.  No brightly-dressed criminals this time, though.

The last hour in the office proved the final indignity.  Our copier/scanner has been running on toner fumes for weeks, my co-worker who shares it couldn't get a new Mac to connect to it wirelessly, and finally I discovered that this morning's laptop update had also, somehow, changed my entire c: drive file structure so that my scans weren't transmitting from the copier to this computer.  We're STILL waiting for copier guy over a day later:P  I have a kludge to get the scans on here via somebody else's desktop PC, but it gets old having to do that.


Once out of here, the day went better.  I got in a brief workout, then got Eleanor's own laptop over to my beloved guru's place.  It wasn't malfunctioning, but it had literally come apart at the seams and two teeny wires were holding the display to the keyboard.  Lisa tucked them in, electrical-taped the whole assembly to hold until we can find a replacement case for the thing, and ultimately decided to turn it into a piece of performance art:

(Eleanor doesn't usually go by that nickname, but there's only so much tape to go around.  Plus we can use it during the second season of Stranger Things, since apparently we won't be able to attract Eleven with Eggos anymore;)

On a roll at that point, and finding Eleanor out at a Buddhist study, I made a quick dinner (leftover steak- on a roll;), finished mowing the back forty, ran wash of both dish and laundry persuasion, and knocked off a Mr. Robot and a half before finally turning in.


Today's been better. No appointments in or out, got a good night of sleep, and I think I've resolved tomorrow's court so I don't have to go. Once OR twice:)
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weebleswobble From: weebleswobble Date: September 20th, 2016 07:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Wheels on the Brain going round and round"
i'm going to have to remember that, its a very apt term.
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